Friday, July 3, 2009

Online Sample Sales - Ready, Set, GO!

We've all swapped stories on fabulous finds on fun sites like Rue La La and Gilt, but this ever popular mode of online shopping seems to keep growing and growing in popularity. They all offer up great designer boutiques open for a limited time (usually 1-3 days), and each has some sort of referral program to encourage you to share the love. So I figured it was time for an update on my favorite sample sale sites!

Now y'all know I've put the kibosh on spending for myself while we're on our debt-free mission, but I still peruse these sites on a daily basis and often snag great gifts for others. Plus I do my best to keep an eye on the weekly kiddie sales so I can alert readers over at Make Room for Style.

So here's a list of my current faves when it comes to online sample sale sites. Most are "by invitation only," but several are open to newcomers with no invitation. So, bargainistas, take note!

  • Rue La La - most of y'all know and love this one. This fab site, a birth child of another favorite of mine, Smart Bargains (Loehmann's), just celebrated its one year anniversary! Two or three new boutiques open every weekday. The sales are great, the site and packaging is like eye-candy, and the customer service is top notch. We loves the Rue! Consider yourself invited.

  • Gilt Groupe - If you're looking for a lot of killer boutiques in any given day, Gilt is your place. They also have a lot of men and children's sales popping up every week. Tory Burch Kids is happening today over there at noon EDT. Gilt also has great customer service and fun packaging - it's the little things like this that do it for me. This one really does have extraordinary sales, so make it a favorite! Come on over as my personal guest.

  • Gomatta Girls - I absolutely love this site... it's kind of like for fashion. New duds are featured each day - for one day only. So grab it while it's hot! The prices are usually rock-bottom, so this is a must hit site with your morning coffee. It's become a daily ritual of mine to see what the witty Gomatta Girls have up for grabs each day. No invitation is required for this one, but feel free to add me as a referral if you're so inclined (aaz106 at!

  • One Kings Lane - This site is all about home décor and accessories. You'll find a lot of high-end goods for the home here from luxurious linens, to barware, to doggie beds... in every style imaginable. An invitation is required for access and I'll have to email you one... so please leave a comment here with your email if you'd like in!

  • ideeli - This is one that has grown a lot since I first started logging on. They feature mostly accessories, but do have several boutiques with clothing. And though I've yet to win one, they're always hosting fabulous giveaways! Do take note that items purchased at ideeli are NOT returnable, so click with caution, girls. This concerned me once when this gorgeous tea set that I ordered for my mom arrived with a chipped spout. I contacted ideeli to see if it was at all possible to exchange it, since it was broken. They were out of stock, but not only did they refund my money, they let me keep the order! So I just got some super glue and voila - a fabulously free tea set! So while sales are final, they do their best to keep customers happy and coming back! Click here to join the fun.

  • The Mini Social - This is one of the newest online sample sale sites and it's especially for mom and baby. They have new boutiques opening almost daily - great designer duds for tots, as well as the occasional accessories for mom and the nursery. A must hit for you mommas! No invitation is currently required on this one, but feel free to add me as your referral (aaz106 at!

  • HauteLook - This is another one that offers up a wide array of boutiques, including several children's sales each week. So mommas, take note of this one too. You'll often see boutiques for skincare and makeup items here as well. Lots of jewelry and other accessories pop on here, too - lots to see! This is another one I really keep my eye on. Hop on over here as my guest!

So those are my personal faves. New ones seem to keep popping up, so if you've stumbled on a great find recently, do tell! Here are a few others worth a look...

Happy online shopping, girls! There's just nothing quite so nice as designer duds on a dime...


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Can I have an invite to One Kings Lane?


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Could I have an invite to One King's Lane please?

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