Saturday, August 1, 2009

A dose of Harry and Billie Joe

So last night we went to see Harry Potter on IMAX - they finally booted Transformers off the screen this week and let Harry have his reign. It was so fun to see it again and catch things I didn't catch the first go around. Plus, the first few scenes are in 3D on the IMAX version, which was really cool - you really felt like you were *in* the movie. Good stuffs! We also were feeling crazy and ended up seeing The Hangover immediately after. Actually Lucky's hubby-to-be talked us into it. Ridiculously hilarious... and I don't think I've ever heard the hub squeal quite like that. A must see, for sure.

Tonight... in just a few minutes actually... we're heading out to see Green Day! They are pretty much my favorite band ever. I always go when they come to town, so of course I'm there!!! They're awesome as is, but they always put on a great show. Every concert of theirs I've been to, they end up pulling up three kids on stage to play the instruments for one of the songs while Billie Joe does the vocals. What a thrill for those kids.... and he always gives his guitar to the kid who played lead. So precious!

And I don't know why he does it for me, but I'm just mesmerized when Billie Joe is singing on stage. I become a total 12 year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. OK maybe not that bad... But isn't he the cutest little rock n' roll guy?

OK y'all are thinking, um no. (I know bestest thinks I'm nuts.) And he's totally not my type in the real world... but in my fantasy rock world, he's top notch. He totally rocks those tight pants. He's probably smaller than me - he's a tiny little thing. I'd like to bottle him up and take him with me places. I have a thing for punk and glam rockers. David Bowie totally makes me swoon. I know, I'm weird. But I'm OK with that.

Anyway, so I've been blasting all my Green Day CD's in the house all day today to get geared up. Soooooo excited!!!


Susan D. said...

Love Green Day and especially for running. I had a thing for Robert Smith of the Cure for a looong time, so I can understand!

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

Have fun at the concert!

Miss Madras said...

We are planning to go on Monday night. My husband loves them! I like the music just not sure what to expect with the crowd.... and I am totally stumped on what to wear.
Have a great time!

The Pink Owl said...

I love Green Day! So jealous that you are going to their concert! No one can rock the eyeliner like Billie Joe. Have fun!

Melissa said...

Have fun at the concert! My SIL just saw them and said they were awesome!

Buford Betty said...

Miss Madras - there are always the crazy kids down on the floor going nuts, but if you're up in the seats, you'll be fine. I always see young kids there, but it's totally not a show I'd take kids too. Lots and lots of F-bombs dropped and whatnot - just inappropriate stuff for young kids. They put on an amazing show though! Last night was no exception.

KK said...

Oh, you are NUTS!! Billie Joe and Bob....holy heck!!

But I am loving their new album. I'm sure the concert will be awesome!