Monday, August 10, 2009

Fried Eggs

No, my eggs aren't fried. That's just what I had for dinner, so I thought it'd be an appropriate blog title. Two eggs over easy atop toast - that's how I do it. I break the yolks half the time and they turn into a mess, but they're still good.

So I'm in much better spirits this week! Had a great weekend... pretty low-key. Friday night the hub and I went for a hot dog dinner at Costco and then to see The Proposal. Very cute movie - even the hub liked it. The storyline is pretty predictable, but I never let that get in my way. Lots of great moments and Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds really had great chemistry.

Definitely rent that one if you don't get out to the theatre to catch it. We met up with Lucky and her man on Saturday morning and she said they saw Julie and Julia the night before. They are big movie-goers and she said that was the best movie she's seen in she can't remember how long. My godmother also saw it this weekend and told my mom "run-don't-walk to go see this movie!" So I'm thinking it must be fab! Anyone catch it yet? That one's next on my list.

So Saturday morning we joined Lucky and her man at the High Museum in midtown - they were having a special discount on tickets from 10am to 12pm. So we got in for only $5 each! I think it's normally $17 or so - quite a deal! Gosh, we hadn't been since the Van Gogh exhibit was here a few years ago and that place has changed SO much. They've added on a ton of space and the whole entrance is totally different than it used to be. I can remember going down that zig-zagging staircase on elementary school field trips. So if you Atlanta gals haven't been in a while, you need to go check it out! The Monet exhibit is here for another couple of weeks, but DaVinci will be coming in October. Here's a peek inside I got with my camera phone...

The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful... just stayed in and put on my domestic diva hat. Well, no that's a lie. Actually Saturday after we got back I was a total bum till about 6 o'clock. Lucky let me borrow season 1 of True Blood and I finished up the last 5 episodes on Saturday. Yep - five. As in five hours of TV where I was sprawled out on the bed with a remote. OMG I never do that and I gotta tell you it was pretty thrilling.

We don't get HBO, so I'm not up on season 2 yet. Anybody else watch the series? I thought it was really good. Lucky's obsessed with it. I could do without the raunchy sex scenes - it's quite obvious a dude created it. But it's good stuff. Still, it's no Buffy - definitely not - but good. I'm pretty sure nothing will ever top Buffy in the vampire world. OK but after I finished up the DVD's, I really did get domestic and got a good bit of stuff done this weekend. I even vacuumed our den furniture. It needed it. We have three dogs, so I'm sure you can imagine the condition of our furniture.

OH and Saturday I also got the sweetest cards in the mail... one from bestest - because she is the bestest! And another from Lucky and kuntry bride. They all knew I had had a really rotten week last week and being the sweet friends they are, sent me a little encouragement. It's always so fun to get some fun mail amongst all the bills and crap. Plus Lucky and kuntry bride gave me several gift cards to different places for a calorie fest. We used the Cold Stone Creamery one last night! Ice cream makes everything better - always!

So yeah, doing much better this week. Flo FINALLY made her debut on Saturday. So I was back at the doctor this morning getting my ultrasound and bloodwork. So here we go again! I will be very curious to see what my lining looks like when I go for my mid-cycle check next week. Until then, it's just poppin' pills and prayin'. But thank you all for your sweet messages! Every one of them makes me smile!

Hope you all had a fab start to your week. Phoebe is back in business - I drove her to work today and she is good as new! She even has a Honda emblem again! Haha... she was missing it for a while and I can't even remember when she lost it. She is 11, after all.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

I loved the proposal. How about when she was dancing in the woods with the grandma? Freaking hilarious!!

Champagne Blonde said...

Agreed on the TrueBlood gets better in season 2-sortof! It was actually created by a woman though-Charlaine Harris, author of the southern vampire mystery series. Alan Ball didn't stick to the books exactly, but fairly close with the sex descriptions.

Gracie Beth said...

Betty White was a scene stealer in the proposal! I am still praying and keeping my fingers crossed for the Buford Baby!

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

I really want to see The Proposal!

Susan said...

I'm totally addicted to True Blood!! It's been a treat on Sunday nights this summer to watch something new! I think the 2nd season is even better than the first.

Glad to hear you're having a better week!

The Mrs. said...

Good luck! Thinking of you!