Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Group Project

One day, I'll actually get on blogger and get those yummy recipes I mentioned up, but I've failed to get on this week while at home.  So you're stuck with my pictureless email posts for now, sorry.  I've just been running around lots this week and haven't had much time on the 'puter at home. 
Anyway, so I had my mid-cycle check early this morning.  Possibly four eggies there, but they're not as mature as they usually are at this point in my cycle - which means I'm probably gonna ovulate later than I normally do. Whatever.  And I didn't respond to the Femara as well as they'd hoped - my lining is better, but it's still not where it needs to be.  So this is downright annoying.  We were all hoping this would be my miracle drug.  So I've got to go back on my insta-fat-ass estrogen pills today to try and pump up my lining.  They're bringing me back in Monday a.m. for another ultrasound to see where I'm at then.  If I detect a surge before then, they'll bring me in the next day, but still do another ultrasound to see if all looks OK before doing any insemination.  So yeah... keep praying for my jacked up lining.  (Do I sound a little bitter?!  Hahaha...)
In other news - sorta related, sorta not - we're supposed to be going to GroupLink later this month at church to get back in a couples' small group.  We've been in small groups the last 4 or 5 years through church and have loved it.  And we've made some great friends through them.  But our dilemma has always been finding a group of couples our age, in our proximity, that don't have kids.  Not that we hate all couples with kids... um, hello - we're trying to be like you!  Most of our friends have kids - friends we hang out with a lot.  But the truth is - our lives are TOTALLY different.  We are just at an entirely different stage in life - depsite being the same age - and honestly, I love you, but I can't relate to you just yet.  And that's OK - doesn't mean we can't hang out with you.  But in a small group setting, I think it's best when the majority of the group is around the same age and at a similar stage in life.  That's what makes it awesome to me - doing life together and growing with other people who are on a similar path.  Of course no one's exactly at the same place in life, and sure won't stay that way - but you know what I'm saying.
And while we attend the Buckhead campus of our church, we do GroupLink through a different campus up here in suburbia in order to find couples closer to where we live.  Which means, couples our age are more prone to have kids already.  Cuz you know all the hip childless couples still live in the city.  The 'burbs are full of minivans and strollers.  I still contend we moved up here for our dogs to have a yard... but we obviously didn't buy a 5-bedroom house so I could have 4 walk-in closets.  Whatever. 
So we find ourselves stuck between getting in a group of people our age who are already parents, or a group of people without kids, who are 10 years younger than us.  Geez, what is worse?  We're outsiders in either case because hello, what the hell do I have in common with a 24 year-old who just got married?  A whole bunch of nothing.  Just as the parents our age are in a different league, so are the 20-something newlyweds.  Totally different stage of life and we just don't relate.   Again, doesn't mean we can't be friends - but in a small group, no thanks. 
So all-in-all, that's really been our reason for laying low over the summer and not getting in a group till this fall.  But we were hoping we'd know if we were gonna be pregnant or not by then - 'cause if we were, then I'd be like OK let's go ahead and find a group with kids.  But we still don't know and I'm hesitant to place us in any sort of "category" at this point.  On one hand I'm like, let's just wait.  But then on the other I'm like - God is at work here, and there may be a group for us we need to be in and I need to stop worrying about the stage of life crap so much.  I mean our last two group leader couples have been blessings in more ways than imaginable.  Both women also had major battles with infertility and it's been so awesome to share our struggles with each other.  And I know God put these two women in my life.  So maybe I'm being a bit over-dramatic here and just need to let him run the show.  What do y'all think?
Anyway, we'll see how I feel once the date rolls around for GroupLink.  I think the hub is kinda iffy too - so we'll see.  Just thinking out loud here.  Alright, y'all...  gotta get back to it.  Hope y'all are having fab weeks!  I'll check back in later.


KK said...

Saying prayers that the third time is the charm!! Also, is there a group for folks with fert issues? Or maybe older couples instead of 20 somethings? Like no kids but in the 30-50 age range?

Buford Betty said...

Not in this arena, no - they don't get that specific. The groups are basically broken up by location and age.

Jessi said...

We're in a similar spot. Love our church and the people we've met, but all have children. We're working to get there (children) but until then, it seems we are in different worlds. Same for the neighborhood (suburbia in Forsyth Co). Praying we (and you) get to join the "with kids" groups soon!

stageoflife said...

Buford Betty,

I came across your blog today and enjoyed it...a lot. I just sent you an email as well in fact. It was the mention about the stages of life that triggered my Google alert service to send me here.

We're actually looking for people and writers to share their wisdom, thoughts, and experiences from their stage of life. I think our readers would benefit from your perspective.

Please reach out to me via our site or my blog if you're interested in contributing to our project.

Take care,


ModernMom said...

Found you through Krizzy Designs (she is so fab) Thought I would leave you a comment to tell you how much I enjoyed reading through your blog!
All the best.

Preppy Lizard said...

Sending prayers for a good round!