Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mrs. Nicholson

These drugs I'm on are giving me crazy dreams at night - it must be the Femara.  I mean I dream usually, and sometimes I can remember the weird ones, but the last few days I've had some OFF the wall dreams.  And I find no explanation other than the drugs I'm on.
Last night I had a dream - a rather extended dream, mind you - that I was married to Jack Nicholson.  Where the hell I came up with that one, I have no idea.  I love him as an actor, sure.  But do I swoon over him?  Um, no.  And while I have several of his movies on DVD, have I watched any of them lately? Nope.  Did I catch a headline somewhere recently about him?  No.  I have no idea why my dreams depicted matrimonial bliss with Jack, but so they did.
We had a great little apartment together and I must say he was rather charming.  It wasn't a sexual dream whatsoever (thank God) - more like "a day in the life of Betty and Jack."  I got the sense that my friends weren't too pleased with my choice of spouse, but I was determined to sell them on the idea.  I clearly remember wrapping my arms around him in my dream and asking him, "so honey, do you have any fun new projects in the works?"  And he smiled that famous smile and told me he thought so - he'd keep me posted.  And one morning I told him he looked like the Joker.  And then I was like, "hello, you WERE the Joker!"  We had a good laugh at that one, Jack and I.
Yeah, no idea where that nonsense came from.  But I assured the hub this morning that I would not be leaving him for Jack.  I think he was rather relieved.  OK so in other exciting news, I re-ordered my dress for Lucky's wedding yesterday from J. Crew because it was on wicked sale.  I knew they had marked it down to $99 (I paid $205 back in June), but replacing it would still mean coming out of pocket $100 because I could only get a store credit at this point for returning the original dress.  And while the $100+ net savings was tempting, y'all know our budget is tight as hell and we just couldn't swing it.  But fast forward a couple of weeks to NOW...  er - yesterday, rather...  and I get the "extra 20% off final sale" email from J. Crew.  OK...  I hop back on to see if they still have the dress I need in my size.  Not only do they have it, but they had marked it down again to $79.99!  I was sold... with the extra 20% off, I got it for $64.  Couldn't pass that up.  AND I ordered a 6 this time.  I still want to leave room for boobage since I could possibly (hopefully) be 5 months pregnant at Lucky's wedding, but I don't think I need the 8.  Remember, I thought I'd be 8 months pregnant when I ordered that one.  Doh.
Yeah so the new cheap dress is on its way.  As soon as it hits my doorstep, I'm taking the old expensive one back to J. Crew to get my store credit.  Score!  And I plan to stretch that $205 store credit as far as humanly possible.  And I will.  Oh yes.  I will keep a tally of everything I get with it because it won't all be at once.  I'm far too sensible now to blow it on one pair of shoes (which the old me totally would've done!). 
Oh and our birthday dinner for my dad Sunday night was fab!  You should've seen the honkin' huge piece of pork I got from Costco.  We only cooked half of it Sunday.  I also made some Sangria, which was a hit.  Sangria's my favorite - good Sangria anyway.  It's extremely dangerous because you can drink it so darn fast and not realize you should've stopped like 4 glasses ago.  And if you've ever searched for Sangria recipes, I'm sure you know there are like 5 million different ways to do it and there's really no wrong way.  But the one I did Sunday was rather tasty, so I'll share that recipe once I can get on blogger.  I'm afraid my spacing will go all wonky if I try to post a recipe by email.
Also for dessert I did baked apples with a walnut topping - OMG.  I'm not a huge dessert person, but apple pie is one of my weaknesses.  I'll also give you that recipe.  Bestest - I basically did the apples like you do for your pie filling, and then made a walnut topping to sprinkle on top.  And then we had vanilla ice cream with - that was my dad's first question when I mentioned the apples... "with ice cream?!"  I'll pop back later with the deets on those treats.
And one last thing, dear readers...  please say a little prayer for my lining tonight!  I have my mid-cycle check bright and early tomorrow morning and I'm very anxious to see how thick my lining is!  I'm not taking any estrogen yet, so we'll see if the switch to Femara did the trick.  And no - I'm not really anxious - that's not a good word.  I'm not worried about it - just very, very curious.  I'll let y'all know what I find out! xoxoxo


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Oh my gosh! I had such weird dreams when I was taking Provera.

WEIRD I tell you!

Lucky in Love said...

Weird dream girlie! Good luck today!