Monday, August 31, 2009

One week down. A busy one to go.

That's right - we're half way through our 2-week-wait. I actually haven't been thinking about it TOO much really. Just been busy at work with deadlines approaching and busy at night with other stuff. So my mind hasn't been too wrapped around it, but I do feel like I've seen more pregnant women in the last week than in like the last year. And not just random people out and about... Project Runway last week had a maternity challenge. Every flippin' magazine cover in the checkout aisles had something about pregnant women. It just seemed to be everywhere. Well it always seems like it's everywhere to me, but it REALLY seemed so this past week.

Friday night I had a girls' night out - with myself. I had a massage and back facial after work and then headed home, took a shower (to get the oily massage funk off) and snuggled up with my pups to watch a movie. The hub and some of his buddies made an impromptu trip down to Cape Canaveral Friday to watch the space shuttle launch. He was on cloud 9 - he LOVES all things NASA and space. This was his first one, so he was just on a high all weekend over it. But the kicker was - they drove all the way down there (about 7 hours), watched the launch, and drove straight back. Crazy boys. Sounds like torture to me, but he was all about it. Needless to say, he was pretty worthless on Saturday. But I must give him props because he still was a good sport Saturday afternoon - we had to drive up to Athens to visit Christmas Bride and her new baby, and then immediately hit GroupLink at church that evening.

Christmas Bride's little girl was too cute to boot. She snuggled up on my chest and started snoozin' away. I don't know what the hell you moms are whinin' about... looks pretty easy to me. Hahahahaha... that's always our joke when we visit other people's babies because they always seem to act like little angels around us. Though the hub will tell you it's his doing. So I call him the baby whisperer. Christmas Bride invited us to come back about 3am that evening and see just how fun it was then...

So after getting back from Athens we ate really fast at the house and headed over to the church. GroupLink went REALLY well. I was feeling good about it when we went. They did a much better job of dividing up the geographic areas this time versus the last time we went to a GroupLink there. So there was a true "Buford/Suwanee" area this time instead of "everyone southeast of the church." We found a group that's lead by a great couple in their early 40's. They don't have any kids, but most of the couples in the group do. BUT the group has a babysitter, so the kids are off in another room. This is a big, big deal. I'm cool with being in a group where people have kids, but I don't want the kids AT the group meetings. It's just incredibly distracting. That's happened a few times in past groups where couples who had babies started bringing them to group every session. And it's not because I'm sensitive around babies and want to throw cement blocks at your fertile uterus, it's seriously just distracting. Especially to the hub... we'll be in the middle of reading some serious scripture and I look over and he's making googly eyes at the baby. So anyway, we're really looking forward to getting started and to see how the group works out. Our first meeting is this Thursday, so I'll give you the scoop later this week.

OK so in other SUPER exciting news... guess who's going to see Britney Spears Friday night! ME, ME, ME!!!!!! OMG. Last Friday afternoon, Lucky emailed me and was like, what are you doing Friday 9/4? And I was like, getting my hairs cut (also super exciting as I haven't had a hair cut in - gasp - 6 months). Then she was like, how would you like to show off your new do that night? OK... what do you have in mind? Um, she totally scored FREE box seats at the Britney concert!!! Her firm is apparently "looking into" renting a skybox at Philips Arena and they were given a bunch of Britney tickets to woo them. Lucky was able to get two of the tickets and she asked me to go (because she knows I'm in LOVE with Britney)!!!! I'm soooooooooo excited! Just such a fun surprise. We saw her back in March (or whenever it was) when she hit Atlanta the first time, but I can't wait to see her again! Super fun! Aren't you jealous?!?! You should be.

Alrighty... my to-do list here is barking at me. Gotta run, dear readers. xoxoxo

Oh P.S. - question for you Pottery Barn fans. I looked on the website, but only see return policy info for web/catalog purchases. Do you know if the stores will take back merchandise without a receipt for a store credit? Don't laugh, but we are seriously thinking about returning the flatware sets we got for our wedding (um... 7 years ago). They still sell the collection, so I'm hoping we could get a store credit for what they're currently selling for. We only got 5 place settings and they literally have been sitting in drawers for 7 years in their boxes, unopened. So perfect condition and all... anyone done this there? It would be over $200 of a store credit which would be fab to use for Christmas and shower gifts!!!!! Thought some of y'all might know off hand. I'm probably going to run by our PB this week to find out.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

I am so jealous that you are going to see Britney. I wonder if the show is sold out, I want to go so bad!!!

Sasha said...

Have fun at Britney! So glad the 2WW is going by fast for you.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

They should take it back but might give you whatever thw lowest price was in the last 60 days. But don't mention having it for 7 years!!

Domestic Diva said...

Love your blog, thank for the sweet comment on my blog!! Look forward to following you! Have a fabulous day!!!!
xxxxxx me