Monday, October 26, 2009

Rock 'n Roll all night and party everyday. That's me!

Thanks so much for all the fab advice on the white noise machines!  I went in Target and found nothing on Friday.  But inbetween showers on Saturday I had two amazing finds... first, shoes for Lucky's wedding in January, and second, a white noise machine for only $16!  I'll tell you about the shoes in a minute, but we found the sound machine at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.99.  It was the same brand as one of the machines you all recommended, so I figured it couldn't be horrible.  And kuntry bride was like, "do you have a coupon?  I have one in my car!"  So she gave me her 20% off coupon and I got it for $16!  Awesome. 
We tried it out in our bedroom that night with the dogs.  Belly was a bit freaked out at first.  Charlie kept whining and trying to get out the door.  Gertie didn't notice a thing.  But once we all settled down, they all were fine with it and we slept through the night with it going.  We used it again last night - no issues whatsoever.  It seems pretty loud - I think it will definitely work fine for crating the doggies in the basement.
As for the shoes, I'll have to come back and add pics, but they are so fun!  I did feel guilty buying shoes, even though it's something I had to do before the wedding.  As dumb as it sounds, I did not have any black dress shoes that will work with the bridesmaid dress.  The only black dress shoes I have (and by dress I mean like for formal occasions) are strappy heels with a huge crystal butterfly on top.  Don't think Lucky would go for that.  Neither would I.  I usually wear metallics with more formal stuff, so I have my fair share of those.  But I am super excited about these new shoes.  And while handing over three $20 bills at DSW was rather heartbreaking, I'm proud of new me.  Old me would've insisted on something Italian and much more expensive.  How stupid.  Though I'm sure my expensive shoe fetish will somehow make its way back into our budget once we get debt-free.  I'm just sayin'. 
OH so girls, guess what I'm doing tonight...  Nope, not even close.  I got talked into going to see KISS tongiht at Philips Arena.  Hahaha...  not *exactly* my usual crowd, but it should be interesting, huh?  I do like a couple of their songs but sure don't have any of their old albums.  I'm sure they put on a great show though.  And it's GOT to be great people watching, don't you think?  I bet there will be tons of fans in full-out makeup and costume.  Perhaps a better drag show than a Madonna concert!  My mom keeps saying, "Be careful, I'm serious, be CAREFUL!"  I think she's afraid the hub will get into a fight with some obnoxious Gene Simmons impersonator or something.  
Yeah, so yet again I've got another action-packed week ahead.  But of main concern right now is when the heck my spa dude is going to work me in this week.  My brows are about to need their own zip code.  Ugh.
OK Halloween is like here and we still have not figured out our costumes.  My dream idea?  To be Emma Pillsbury and Ken Tanaka from Glee.  OMG that would be hilarious.  One of my friends said to me today that I look just like Emma... don't really see it, but I do think she's precious so, OK!  That would require a red wig for me and some incredibly tight football shorts and a fanny pack for the hub.  Hmm....  pretty sure the hub will NOT go for that.  Plus he thinks Glee is stupid and says "no one will know who we are."  He does not comprehend Glee's awesomeness.
Alright y'all, gotta bust out of here and get ready for Kee-us!  I'll let you know how it goes on the other side...


Sasha said...

I LOVED Emma's wedding dress! What a fun costume that would be. But I am sure Mr. Sasha would say the same thing as your hub.

BroncoMom said...

Hope you had a blast at KISS!!!

B.E.A said...

I can't wait to see the shoe pictures! I was thinking about a white noise machine for our pups too. $16 isn't too bad!

Lucky in Love said...

Can't wait to hear about the KISS show :)

And as for your costumes...everyone will know who you are. Everyone watches Glee :)