Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whatever. Puh-leez. Gawh.

So... how come things haven't slowed down since October 15th?  Geez.  I've already got a couple of big projects thrown at me so I'm totally busy again.  But at least I don't have a big deadline hanging over me - that makes it way easier.  I'm still a busy bee outside of work too... been working on Lucky's wedding invitations and there are like 200 of them so that's kinda time consuming.  And I'm already getting geared up for the holidays.  Getting Christmas parties on the calendar, trying to figure out what to do for Christmas cards, and developing a game plan for the rest of my Christmas shopping...  it keeps a girl on her toes. 
Oh and meanwhile I'm trying to figure out Halloween costumes for me and the hub.  We're going to a party this year, so it'll be fun to dress up.  But I'm not about to spend a dime on costumes. We gotta work with what we have.  I still have one of my old HS cheerleading uniforms so I might be Quinn Fegray from Glee.  Not sure about the hub...  the wheelchair kid maybe?  Haha... doubt he'll go for that, but at least he'd have a seat at the party.  One of my friends let me borrow her nurse and doctor outfits that she and her hubby wore last year, so we need to try those out too - that might work.  But it's a *SEXY* nurse and I'm not so sure I can pull that off.  The sexy, yes, but the outfit - not so sure!  Are y'all dressing up?  If you've got a fun costume, do tell.
So if you haven't noticed, I've totally been ignoring the baby thing lately.  It works out well because I've had several baby showers to go to lately, people light years younger than me are sprouting baby bumps at my office that I have to see everyday, and I get at least one new birth announcement in the mail or my inbox every week that's not nearly as cute as the ones I would do.  So for the time being, I am admittedly living in my I-don't-have-any-kids-and-I-can-do-whatever-I-want-and-aren't-you-jealous-ha-ha-ha world.  Yeah.  I go for the extremes, apparently.   Well, thing is - we are on hold on baby makin' right now for cash reasons.  The hub is looking for a new job and until we get that squared away, for one, it makes no logical sense to move forward just yet.  But job or not, there's still some major saving to do if we end up having to go the IVF route.  My insurance of course covers nothing, so everything is completely out-of-pocket.   But I do have a cafe plan that'll allow us access to cash for medical stuff at the beginning of the year.  So I'm thinking, worst case, we'll do the next IUI cycle in January if not sooner. 
But if January's a bust, we'll probably give it a rest till tax season is over.  Because Lord knows if we're shelling out thousands of dollars for IVF I do *not* need to be stressed out and overworked.  So it'd probably be late April or May before we could even think about that - not to mention the cash issue.  But seriously I'm totally not worrying about it right now.  I'm just like WHATEVER.  Kids are annoying and I totally don't need any.  Plus they get sick all the time and crap.  It's really ridiculous. 
OK y'all know I'm kidding and I don't really hate kids and the people who have them.  Just sometimes.  I'm not in a rut.  I think any of my fertility-challenged pals understand that you go through the weirdest of emotions/phases/moods - whatever you wanna call them.  I'm just in the whatever-I-don't-care-forget-you room right now.  I'm still praying and waiting on God and trusting and yada yada yada.  All that shit.  But all I can say is WHAT-EVER, world.  Bleh!
Ha - some of you probably find it refreshing that I'm not blabbering about my busted uterus.  Oh but stay tuned, dear readers, I'll be out of this padded cell at some point.  But right now I'm not tracking, I'm not taking my vitamins (though I eat my multi-grain Cheerios which are about as good), I'm not caring.  Maybe tomorrow I'll care, but for now I've got a date with Lucky and some Mexican food.  We'll worry about babies later.  I need some cheese.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

I agree, I've been super busy as well! I don't see my schedule getting any less busy for a while either!

Jill said...

Yeah girl, I hear ya...I remember being amazed at how easily I would fluctuate from angry frustrated can't get pregnant girl, to " have kids? Sucks for you." I mean, quickly. In a lot of ways the "sucks for you" phase is way healthier. Enjoy your freedom - I always found that focusing on what I HAVE without having kids really helped me. In fact, I vividly remember telling Andy "I'm totally OK not having a baby right now, if I could just know when/if we would eventually I'd be fine"! It's hard though. Still praying for you like crazy. And thanks again for Saturday...really and truly, too sweet of you in the midst of everything else.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love you. And I agree- cheese does solve many of the world's big issues! Hugs!!

Julie Tiemann said...

I hope you had a margarita with that cheese...

And I'm cracking up at the sexy nurse idea. I'm remembering Lindsay Lohan's narration in Mean Girls regarding Halloween as an excuse for gils to dress slutty and no one can judge them - ha! So true! :)

Meg said...

You guys should totally go as Glee characters. Although, not everyone would get it. But that would help you weed out the losers who aren't cool enough to watch Glee. ;)