Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nightmare to end all nightmares!

OK, not really.  But, Dave Ramsey has apparently set up camp in my psyche and has no plans to leave.  I'm not complaining, but I had a horrible nightmare two nights ago.  I seriously woke up in a sweat over a dream involving... buying a brand new car... and (are you ready?)... FINANCING it!
Sheer terror!  I vividly remember bawling in my dream after the realization that the hub and I bought a brand new Nissan something-or-other (What the hell?  I've never owned a Nissan in my life.) for $13,500 and we now had car payments!  Horror!  Like I was seriously stressed out in my dream and was freaking out.  I kept saying through tears to the hub, "How could we do this?  This puts us right back where we started!  We might as well have never sold the 4runner at all!  OMG!!!"
Then I woke up and was SO relieved to realize it was 3am and that we have no car payments or a random new Nissan in our driveway.  I tapped the hub on the shoulder to tell him I had a nightmare (we always do this if we do).  After a drousy "sorry babe," he pat me on the head and rolled back over.
So random.
But, I daresay, it's a great lead-in to a post I'll put up here shortly regarding a couple of great Dave/money questions I got from some readers recently.  Oh how I do love to talk about money!  Back soon with those...




B.E.A said...

So funny! We read Dave Ramsey too. He definitely has a way of sneaking into your whole life! Thank goodness for no car payments though!!

Susannah said...

I left you an award on my blog! :D

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing! When my husband & I were still working on Baby Step 2 - I would have just the worst dreams like we forgot to add in a credit card or that I had gone out & bought a new car kinda stuff. It was as scary (if not more) than if someone were chasing my with a chainsaw!
Now we are on Baby Step 4 & I gotta tell ya...I'm STILL paranoid about debt of any kind. It tries to lure ya in every where you go! I still can't let my guard down or we'll simply slide right back into debtness.
Sorry you are having the wacked out dreams...but they are reminding you to keep your eye on the goal! I have no doubt you won't succeed either!
Hugs to a fellow Dave Ramsey-er! Jane