Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa never fails.

I hope you all had a fabu Christmas! We certainly did. Santa loaded us up with some fun goodies. I am loving my new Kindle!!! I just ordered a pink case for it off Amazon so I can keep it safely tucked in my purse and with me all the time. We also got a Keurig coffee maker and are loving it so far. We had the Senseo one for years but it was about to crap out on us. Besides, the Keurig has a LOT more variety as far as coffees and teas you can brew. So fun!

The hub also got an air popcorn popper - something he's been wanting forever. I think he eats more popcorn than anyone else on the planet. Seriously. I guess there could be worse vices. At least I don't have to buy Costco size boxes of microwave popcorn anymore - that'll save us some bucks!

We spent Christmas here in Atlanta with my family and then drove up to Knoxville afterwards for a couple of days with the hub's family. We got more goodies up there, including my requested Lady Gaga CD from SIL. She is my not-so-guilty pleasure. Funny thing is, I saw her open for NKOTB like 18 months ago and I remember turning to Lucky saying "Who the hell is that?!" Fast forward to December 2009 with me blasting her CD and singing along while driving to work. It's a great CD too, girls ("The Fame" - her first one, pictured below). It's one of those rare CD's that you can pop in and let it go. Not just a few hits and a bunch of filler shit. It's all good stuff - I'm loving it!

Here's a litte *Christmas Collage* of some of our loot - we must have been good this year!

After a whirlwind Christmas, I'm taking most of this week off from work. I did go in for a few hours yesterday to make sure there weren't any fires to put out, but I'm off now. And I have all these things around the house I need to be doing, yet I have no motivation whatsoever to do any of them. But I'm terrible at doing *nothing* so I find myself playing on the computer when I need to be doing laundry and cleaning stuff. Hmmm...

Plus this weekend - I can't believe it - is Lucky's wedding! So I'm also getting geared up for that. I'm putting self-tanner on my legs so they don't blind everyone at the ceremony. Dear me. I don't do hose, so that's not an option. But no worries - I won't be orange. I use this brand a lot (Loreal) and I just do a couple of "doses" a few days out so I'm not quite so pasty. I'm not actually trying to look tan. Just less ghost-like.

Oh and get this - I'll be doing my own hair. Everytime I get my hair put up by a pro I think, yeah that's nice but was it worth $90 or whatever? Yeah, no. I'm pretty decent with updo's - certainly decent enough to save me $90. As long as my hair cooperates, it'll be good. I'll try to remember to snap a pic for you to assess my skills. I've done other bride's updo's before - just not my own.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to wear to Lucky's rehearsal and dinner...

Oh and let's not forget New Year's Eve... want to take a guess at what we're doing? Our crew might be the only ones there over 18 and I'm hoping I don't hurt myself. Any guesses?!

(P.S. This spacing thing drives my perfectionist self INSANE! Does anyone know how to fix the double spacing or whatever the hell it's doing?! Insane, I tell you.)


The Eubanks said...

I got a Keurig too! I am loving it...I want the Lady Gaga CD too, good to know it is good.

gCe said...

Yay for all the Christmas loot!

E.B. in Tennessee said...

I got the new Harry Potter, too! Can't wait to watch it.

Kristin said...

My what a year it's been for the Gaga. I saw her with NKOTB too...before I knew just how fabulous she was!