Friday, January 29, 2010

Ready to Crash.

For real. Like right now. I've got a mad headache coming on and I'm ready for a date with some Nyquil, the remote, and my Snuggie. I started getting that oh-crap-I-think-I'm-getting-sick feeling late Wednesday and I'm now in the coughing and stuffy head stage. Aside from this headache, I haven't felt all that bad - just worn out. Like I have no energy to smile - which is sad, because I usually smile a lot. Good thing is, we're in kind of a lull right now at work - a very temporary one - but I guess my cold or whatever this is hit at the right time. I don't have to go in to work tomorrow, thank goodness, so I'll be able to chill out at the house and hopefully shake off whatever this is.

Not much going on this weekend, which is super nice. I need a break. My sweet hub has been doing all the laundry and the cleaning the last couple of weeks, which has been super helpful. (And he looks dead sexy with a bottle of Windex in his hand.) Just haven't had time or energy for anything once I get home. We were planning to do our next IUI this upcoming cycle but I don't even feel mentally prepared for that. I've been SO busy at work - I mean I know it's tax season, but we hit the ground running (and running hard) unusually early this year. So I just haven't had time to like decompress and get my head in the right spot for it just yet. And I mean, there's no huge rush really. I still very much would like to get this last IUI cycle done in the next few months, but it doesn't have to be tomorrow. Plus, given that it's our last shot with IUI, we really want to give it all we've got. So I want to make sure I'm physically and spiritually ready and I also want to do acupuncture along with it this time, and I've yet to figure that out. It's on my to-do list.

So that's my I'm-tired-and-feel-like-crap update. Hope you feel inspired!!!

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