Monday, February 8, 2010

Keep trying.

Monday again, huh?  The weekends always fly by so fast - especially when I'm being robbed of a full one!  I worked most of Saturday and then had Bunco Saturday night with the neighborhood gals.  And I WON for most games!  I tied for most buncos too, but lost in a roll-off... oh well, I still snagged $40 in the end!  It was a good night. 
During several games I was partnered with one particular neighbor who I hadn't talked to much before.  I got the usual "do you have any kids?" from her and I gave my "no, just doggies" answer.  Then she asked if we were trying (which she prefaced with the fact that she was nosey).  "Oh yeah," I said, "we've been trying for a long time."  And then she responded with the best answer I think I've ever gotten.  And not one I'd expect from a self-confessed nosey person.  She simply said, "Keep trying."
I love that.  It wasn't followed by "you'll get there" or "it'll happen when it's meant to" or "have you tried..." or "God has a plan."  It was just "keep trying."  For some reason that's been stuck in my head all weekend.  I'm so used to getting all kinds of crappy (though well-intended) responses from people whenever my oven comes up... because you know, everyone just wants to *fix* me.  So I guess I was refreshingly dumbfounded to get such a simple, yet meaningful response.  And we definitely will keep trying.
Alright, another long work week ahead.  I'll pop in when I get a breather!




Kathryn said...

Excellent advice.

Jill said...

Love it. Exactly what one should say. My phrase tends to be "hang in there" but I think I like "keep trying" better.

Mags said...

LOVE this post! I'm going to start saying that as well. KEEP TRYING!!!