Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hey, bloggy world.  How goes it?  Can you take a half minute today to whisper a sweet prayer for our baby, Charlie?  He is having surgery this morning at the vet.  He's had a rough week of throwing up and not being able to keep anything down.  Long-story-short, they are doing "exploratory" surgery today to see what is causing the blockage in his tummy.  And poor guy LOVES to eat, so he really needs a stomach in good working order.  They call this surgery fairly "routine" but surgery is surgery.  Say a prayer for our sweet boy!  I'll give y'all an update when I have one.  Thanks, y'all!





Poolside with the Girls said...

prayers and belly rubs to of luck!

Natalie said...

I hope your pup gets better soon.

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