Thursday, April 22, 2010

Woo hoo!

My out-of-office assistant was officially turned on yesterday afternoon. I'm off today and tomorrow and then we have a leadership conference thingee outside the office on Monday and Tuesday... so I won't be back at my desk till next Wednesday! And THEN... I'll be off that Friday and following Monday... gotta love life after 4/15.

So we've got a fun weekend planned! My parents are renting a lake house over the weekend, so we're going to join them tomorrow night with the dogs. Well, Gertie will be spending the night with one of her buddies, as our three dogs plus my parents' giant Golden is a bit too much dog. But Belly and Charlie will be lake bound (just don't tell Gertie - as far as she knows, they're going to the vet). We actually live right by Lake Lanier, but this house is on the more northern side of the lake. So it's a nice little getaway without being much of a getaway.

And Sunday I'm hosting another clothing swap!!! SO excited... it's been like 18 months or so since I last hosted one, so it's been far too long. And y'all know I've been on serious shopping hiatus forEVER, so momma needs some new clothes! They're so fun anyway, but I think with everyone being a little more budget-conscious these days, people appreciate them even more. I hope I get away with some fab loot! And I still have quite a bit of stuff to purge from my own closet even though I haven't added much too it lately. So that's part of what I'm doing today... getting my closet cleaned out!

If you're not familiar with clothing swaps, here's the Buford Betty swap how-to. The only rule I have is that you must bring at least 5 pieces to participate. Other than that, it's a free-for-all. People always bring way more than five pieces - it's never been an issue. It's such a fun get-together with the girls and it's very easy and cheap to do (or this girl wouldn't be doing it).

I'm about to get dressed and hit up Costco. Then I'm FINALLY getting a haircut today alla Great Clips. Old me would've turned my nose up at that but new me is thrilled. I don't have any problem getting a 'tweener cut at a cheap place. Just gotta get those dead ends off. More like murdered. Ugh, so overdue for this.

Gotta go compile my to-do list... later!


Marden Family said...

Yay! Cheers to doing fun stuff and not working every day :) Hope you get lots of goodies at the swap!

Rachrea said...

Love the clothing swap idea. Could you send me the wording for the evite? Also, where'd you get the cute polka-dotted bags y'all "shopped" with at your last swap?

Pam said...

Cant wait for the swap!!! Yay! Cant wait to see the hair too...I am thinking I am going to ditch my Van Micheals haircuts finally and go for the great clips...I mean, my hair is not that complicated! I would do it myself if I could. :)

Susannah said...

Girl, we must live like one mile apart! Srsly! I live off of Suwannee Dam right by the Dam Store-in Laurel Springs. Well, unless you live on the lake up by exit 15 and up...........but I have always loved your blog and thought it was so cool that you lived around here in BUFORD cause nothing that awesome goes down here! Anyway, can you give me some swap details? I don't know if I have anything cool enough to contribute! And how does sizing work-I mean, is everyone tiny??
I also rock the Great Clips at Sugar Hill! :D

Brian and Carole said...

Clothing swaps are so much fun and a Eco-friendly choice too! Your recycling clothes & wearing them! Have fun girl! So happy your done/ w tax season!