Friday, May 21, 2010

An Unexpected Thank You

Aren't Fridays the best? Shoot, even in tax season when I have to work weekends, I still love me a Friday! Even a rainy one. Had my 2nd acupuncture session today and it went well. I was a little flustered leaving the office for my appointment - we had a fire drill right before I had to leave. OK not a drill, fire alarm. So the whole building was evacuated and we all had to stand outside for like 30 minutes. Which left me a whole 10 minutes to scarf down my Moo Goo lunch and head out the door. Which means I forgot things like, my list of foods I meant to ask Dr. Liu about... but I managed to remember a few! Instant grits: OK, Oatmeal: OK, Decaf coffee? "You don't need that, no good. Drink hot water." Boo on that.

Anyway, so I just got home a few minutes ago to find a card from kuntry bride in the mail. Haven't mentioned her in a while, but she's one of my best friends whom I love to pieces. And my heart just melted when I opened this unexpected thank-you note...


I want to thank you and [the hub] for inviting us to [Buckhead] church with y'all and as a result helping us find
Southside [Church]. We have been in search of a church for some time now but have struggled to find a church home. We feel at home at Southside. Andy's sermons are so uplifting. We especially love how he relates to everyday life. His advice and guidance is amazing and unbelievable. You are an inspiration to me and I just want to thank you for helping me reignite my relationship with God. Please pray for us on our journey to grow in Christ. You continue to be in our prayers!

Much love,
[kuntry bride]

Wowsers. Talk about a Friday afternoon tear jerker! Didn't see this one coming... you just never know when people are watching and you're really affecting their lives. I'm not posting this letter to say "yay, I'm so awesome" (well...), but it's such a great reminder that God is always using us - sometimes when we don't even know it. I'm so thankful that we are a part of a church that is so AWESOME and irresistible that it makes it incredibly easy to invite people to join us on any random Sunday.

Hope you all have fabu weekends! We've got some fun plans with friends, but also have some down time to relax and tackle laundry (which is oddly relaxing to me - for the most part). Catch you on the other side...


Jill said...

Aww...that's SO awesome!!

And "just drink hot water?" SERIOUSLY? thanks.

Leelee said...

I live in Columbus, Ga and watch Buckhead Church online and follow Andy Stanley on Twitter....great services, will have to drop in sometime when I am in town...pilgrimage to Perimeter tomorrow for my Nordstrom fix!!

Marden Family said...

WHAT?! Northpoint has a campus here on the southside?! I am so excited, we are definitely going on Sunday :)

Jones said...

It makes my day when someone takes the time to day thank you!


Hurley Burley & Lucy Goosey said...

Written thank you notes (or any stationary) are so thoughtful and kind. That was VERY sweet of her. :o)