Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moo Goo News

Midway through another week already... and it's my last 4-day work week of the summer!  I am so ready for Fall though.  Bring on the cooler weather, please.  I am over this heat - it's exhausting and hard to freakin' breathe out here.  Anyway, we're also coming up on the completion of our 3rd cycle on Moo Goo.  That is, my acupuncture-diet-herbs regimen.  And we've decided to go ahead and move forward with our last IUI cycle next month.  I'm still going to continue on with Moo Goo alongside all the fun in the stirrups though.  It can only help!  Plus I still feel great on this diet and I know I'm doing great things for my body.  Dr. Liu also says Fall is the best time to do IUI/IVF and that summer is the worst - interesting.  (All 3 of our last IUI attempts were in the summer.)
So our plan is to do this final attempt with IUI next month on Femara.  I am very curious to see how my mid-cycle check looks after having gone through all this acupuncture!  Hoping for some really fabulous lining, since that has been a big issue for me.  Also during this IUI cycle, they'll do a mock egg-transfer test to see if my wonky uterus looks OK for IVF.  I think I'm thinking of the right test.... they're doing some sort of test to see if it looks good.  It's been a while since we devised this plan, so I may be calling it the wrong thing.  Good thing I'm not the doctor.  Anyway, they should be able to determine whether or not I will need a 3rd surgery before moving on to IVF.  I know... IUI, IVF, WTF.  Basically there are three scenarios:
1.  IUI cycle is a success. (Oh, that would be great!)
2.  IUI flops, mock-transfer looks good... immediately move to IVF.
3.  IUI flops, mock-transfer not good... have a 3rd surgery, then IVF.
We haven't met with the *financial* people yet at my RE's office about IVF, but we are planning to do one of these money-back-if-you-don't-get-a-baby plans.  From what I understand, you pay a flat fee up front for 3 regular (retrieval) cycles and 3 frozen cycles (for example).  If no live birth results from any of those, you get the bulk of your money back.  I don't think it includes any of the meds involved (which are also very $$$), but it can end up saving you a lot.  It's kind of like insurance.  Risk is, it works on the first try and you've way overpaid.  But either way, I think there's a lot of peace of mind there knowing you get some cash back if it doesn't work.  It definitely gives me a lot of peace.  It is a total gamble, after all.  My parents are stepping in and helping us make this happen - which is incredible.  And we're so, so grateful.
So after all that, if we're still at square one... I think we will probably go in another direction.  Not give up, but take a different path.  Like to Ethiopia or something.  Have you seen those little babies?  OMG.  So damn cute.  That's thinking way, way ahead though (which I tend to do).  We'll tackle that if and when we get there.  For now, I'm focusing on getting my body ready for the turkey baster.
I'll keep y'all updated!


Charbelle said...

Praying for you!!

Julie Tiemann said...

Exciting stuff on the way!!! Praying with you! (And I'm also SO ready for fall!!!!!!!!!)

Renee said...

Good luck! What amazing parents too!!

Sasha said...

Just want you to know, you are always in my thoughts and prayers... you will be a wonderful mother and I am so hopeful it happens soon for you. Hoping that this round goes well for you.

Jill said...

Thanks for the update!! Praying for you girl!!

AEOT said...

One of my good friends recently adopted from Etheopia (twin boys) and is on the waiting list again. Please let me know if you would like her information. She would be happy to share any and all information with you. She's a wonderful resource and an even better person!!