Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kiss it, etsy.

My sweet bestest had a craptastic day yesterday... she found out that her etsy shop had been permanently shut down.  Some ridiculousness about copyright infringement.  Which is bogus.  But bogus or not, etsy kicked my dear friend to the curb.  So not only does this make me sad for my friend, who used etsy as her #1 means of getting business, but it also puts etsy on my shit list.  I know there are other outlets for her to sell her stuff and she is in the process of researching all that.  So if you, dear crafty readers, have any advice or suggestions for her, please pop by her blog and let her know!  Her ears are open.  There's no one with a kinder heart and she doesn't deserve this crap. 
*Grimacing and shaking fist at etsy!*


Heather said...

That must be so frustrating for your friend!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Thanks momma! Your support means sooo much to me! I've now emailed etsy THREE times and they are still refusing to even respond. They could at least tell me what I did wrong and why I was so singled out. Hmph!

Hurley Lucy said...

That sucks! I used them a lot for a bachelorette party back in June. I'll look around for her! Suck.