Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A week in Moo Goo: Tuesday

Found some fun looking granola on sale at Publix last night - so I'll be snackin' on it today! I got the sunflower and pumpkin seed variety. It's not labeled gluten-free, but there are no unfriendly ingredients in it that I can see. Amazon does say it's processed in a factory that processes other products with wheat, milk, and soy. Whatev. I can deal with that.

You'll notice that I do eat a lot of seeds. That was another big thing Dr. Liu wanted me to do - and she especially mentioned pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, so I do try to eat my fair share of those. They are high in fat, but it's good fat. And they fill you up and have a great protein punch, so seeds make a great snack. I made some chicken salad this morning and threw sunflower seeds in - I love the nutty flavor and crunchy bite they add. My doctor also mentioned eating fruits with seeds (where you actually eat the seeds), like berries, seeded grapes, etc. So you'll see that the fruits I eat usually have seeds as well. Hope y'all have a fantastic Tuesday! I've got my eye on Friday.


Breakfast. Hard-boiled egg, 2 turkey sausage links, instant grits (1/3 cup dry, plain) with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter* (Yeah, this is my standard breakfast, so get used to it!)

1/2 cup all natural applesauce

Chicken salad (7 oz chicken) - homemade with light mayo, green apples, sunflower seeds, celery seed, and black pepper

Back to Nature Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed granola, 1/2 cup (pictured above)

Turkey chili (made by the hub!) - ground turkey, kidney beans, Rotel, onions, and chili mix (2 cups maybe? I don't know - I was starving.)

* Note that because I don't have "true" allergies to gluten or dairy, I'm a little forgiving when it comes to things like small amounts of margarine/butter, or certain sauces that probably have a little of either of those. I generally just try to eliminate the obvious things and do the best that I can with the rest! So if you have a real intolerance for gluten or dairy, you may need different options. I will star these items that may contain some wheat or milk.


Meg said...

Ooh, I could go for some pumpkin seeds. Good thing it's almost October!

Bella Michelle said...

Alrighty...I tried to leave a comment but got some weird error message but wanted to say hi and hope your hubby is enjoying his new job!

Pammy said...

Those look good! I love granola in yogurt. I cant remember, can you have yogurt? I am loving greek yogurt currently. I am trying to get healthy too! :) Your b'fast sounds yummy too! XOXO! And thanks for the great tips in your email today! Pam

Hurley Lucy said...

A 2post-combo comment: I love how close you guys are to your parents. You write about them often, and it's so lovely. You're blessed. Also, so happy about the "hubs" getting a job! SO happy for you both!
Thanks for sharing your meals, I've been curious. I'm trying to work on my "digestive issues" (sorry tmi!)and it's been helpful.
One more thing, back to Nature sales Gluten-free crackers too. You can find them at Target.:)!