Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letters Home: October 27, 1965

This is one of many letters my mother wrote to her parents while in college at Auburn University in the 1960's. For the back story on these letters, hop over here.

Dear Mama & Daddy,

This is just a real quick note to let you know I got your letter. Thanks for the dough. Right now I am in a great mood. I just got back my history test and I made 85! I was so happy I almost died. The guy on my left made 35, and the girl next to me made 49. So far I haven't got below a B in any subject except maybe folk dancing. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a D in there. I have several names for that woman. She's a bitty. Anyway, it's only a 1 hr course, so big deal. She grades you on how she likes you and I'm no apple-polisher. I don't think she likes Bob either. She's always trying to tell him he's been absent when he's not and one day I took up for him so she's got it in for us I think.

Yesterday we got the results in Eng. of the diagnostic test all freshmen took the first of the quarter. I don't know how many freshmen took it but I know it was way over 1,000 and guess what! I was one of the top four. I don't know which, probably fourth but I was real happy. Mrs. Lehman carried on about it. Now please don't go writing everybody about it 'cause it's not that big a thing but I thought I'd put it in.

No, I haven't heard from Gary and did you find my meal ticket or not? I'm going to the library with Bob tonite I guess. He's the most attentive individual I've ever encountered. Last nite we had a pledge swap with the Phi Taus which thank goodness was lots better than the other. I'm running out of paper and time. Hope you can read this slop. Write!! I haven't heard from Judy.




BroncoMom said...

Sweet note.
Did you see the price of the stamp??
Have mercy!

alanna said...

this is SO. CUTE!!
i love that she described Bob as "the most attentive individual I've ever encountered." sounds like my Trip has some work to do!!

Looking 4 Lilly said...

That is wonderful! She sounds just like a co-ed should have sounded in the 60s. So very cool. I know you must cherish those letters.

Hurley Lucy said...

She is such a lovely and articulate writer. I love reading these letters. :)

Jilian said...

I love love love these! It's a lost form of communication :) I love her expressions. "She's a bitty" "I'm no apple-polisher" I love all the guys she mentioned too! Must have been fun back in the days of countin'. Now just asking someone to dance is like signing up for a commitment - silly!

Plus - Got a give a shout out to Theta :)

Thx so much for sharing!