Thursday, January 13, 2011


You poor Atlanta mommas.  You're about to lose your shit, aren't you?!  Schools are already calling in with closings for tomorrow... the final day in a whole WEEK of snow days.  Sure, Monday and Tuesday were fun.  All the neighborhood kiddos got out their make-shift sleds and spent hour upon hour going down the big hill (our iced over street).  I only saw two sledders on Wednesday.  They kept hitting bumps.  The icy fortress was melting, so they gave up.  No more sledding.  Yet cars were still spinning wheels trying to get out of the neighborhood. One dude even got out there with a golf club trying to break through the nasty ice that was preventing him from escaping.  And now it's friggin' Thursday and you're seriously considering taking your hair dryer to the streets.
As much as I *love* being home, even I was getting a little stir crazy.  We have a Honda Element and it actually does great in the snow and ice.  We broke out Tuesday afternoon... visited some friends, grabbed a bite at Steak and Shake (one of the few restaurants open), and did donuts in the mall parking lot.  Good times.  I think we afforded Redbox a new station after all the movies we've rented (and delayed in returning).  You know Redbox has to love snow storms - especially ones that blow in on a Sunday night and strand their customers holding a weekend of movie rentals.  And what is it about being holed up in the house that makes you crave junk food?!  I would've severed my left foot for a hamburger.
Thankfully, I'm able to work from home if need be, so it was not a big deal to miss a few days of work.  But I made it back to the office today - gladly.  The hub actually drove.  The roads are still VERY icy and I don't feel comfortable behind the wheel.  Temperatures are supposed to get up to 40 degrees tomorrow though, so we're hoping things will begin to really thaw out.  I don't ever remember a time when we had not only this much snow, but snow that stuck around for days.  Our yard is as white as it was Monday morning.  Only now it's glossed over with a super slippery sheet of ice.  The dogs have a little trouble navigating through it now, but they're still having fun with it.  Of course, my dogs think it's OK to pee on the deck when it's covered in snow.  I guess I understand their rationalization there... but really?
Now I have gotten a lot done while at home.  Laundry's done.  My revamp-the-filing-cabinet project got done.  I'm making great headway on my annual see-all-the-big-movies-before-the-award-shows-start endeavor.  We just watched The Social Network last night - loved it.  Very fascinating.  Also rented The Kids are All Right.  Enjoyed it but I wouldn't file it under *Awesome*.  We've got Inception for tonight.  We saw True Grit in the theatre not too long ago.  LOVED it.  And then I got sucked in to the original John Wayne version on AMC the other day.  Now the book is on my to-read list.  I've got a date with a friend Sunday to see Black Swan (just before the Globes!).  And I'm hoping I can rope the hub into going to see The King's Speech this weekend.  There are SO many good ones!  I also want to see The Fighter and The Town before the Oscars arrive.  Any others I really need to see that are up for major awards?  Temple Grandin.  Need to Redbox that one.  Oh and Blue Valentine at the theatre.  Geez - TOO many!  If you didn't already know, yes I love me some movies and I freaking LOVE award shows.
Well, I'm not going to remember what a 5-day work week looks like after all this AND my (rescheduled) surgery next week.  I haven't had a full week of work since before Christmas!  And unfortunately I'll be thrown in to 6-day work weeks with tax season starting.  Full steam ahead!  But for now it's pretty quiet and my surgery will be next Wednesday at noon.  So I'll be out of work for a full week, starting Tuesday (for pre-op fun with kelp).  I'm sure I'll have lots of work waiting on me when I return on the 25th.  Fun times ahead!  But then we get to start thawing out our army of embryos in May, so I'll focus on that.  And yes, this week I did have the thought of Oh-crap-what-if-the-power-goes-out-at-RBA-and-all-our-frozen-babies-die?!  Just for a split second though.  I decided that was ridiculous.
Stay safe and warm, Southerners.  Well, all of you really.  It's cold everywhere!  But we tend to freak out down here and run ourselves into a ditch.


Susannah said...

Girl, I am about to LOSE IT! We go back to school on Tuesday in Forsyth. I am able to get out and about to run errands though-even if I did get stuck in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble at the Avenues. :)

And damn Gina on the movie watching!!

Jillian, Inc said...

So wanna see so many of those movies but, alas,...snow...kid...single. haha. I'll have to wait until they come out via netflix. BUT! I did see the original True Grit the other night, too. Gotta love John Wayne, huh? I'll be praying for you next week! Stay warm.

Dr. Blondie said...

I've seen almost all of those movies you mentioned and The King's Speech was my favorite. Hope you enjoy it!

Good luck with your surgery next week.

Pammy said...

We have cabin fever here too Amanda! We escaped for some margaritas at the end of our street last night. Erik went in to work today. Buckhead was pretty clear. The worst part for us was having no heat for 3 days! I will be thinking of you with your surgery next week. That has to be so frustrating to have that all pushed back a week. Love you honey!!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You see more movies in a season than I see in a decade. Ha. I've never even heard of half the flicks you listed. Some things never change for me I guess...