Friday, January 14, 2011

Eat some cole slaw. And be my friend.

Working at home today. Roads are still icy and I'm a wimp. And I don't have much at all going on at work today, so why take a chance? I've been in a ditch before. It's not fun. So while I'm waiting on some info from clients, I thought I'd share a quick recipe from one of my favorite Atlanta cheap eats...

Taqueria del Sol is the go-to spot when I meet up with kuntry bride and Lucky. It's a fairly central location for us all, it's delicious, and it's CHEAP. Anyway, last weekend we had my parents over for dinner to celebrate my Dad's retirement. (Both of my parents are officially retired now!) We cooked up some fish tacos with Mexican rice and Taqueria's jalapeno cole slaw. This slaw is super easy to make and a perfect compliment to fish tacos. Eat it as a side dish or pile it in your taco. I did both.

Jalapeno Cole Slaw
from Taqueria del Sol

- 9 cups cabbage, coarsely chopped
- 3/4 cup grated carrots
- 1 cup mayonnaise
- 1/2 cup granulated sugar
- 1 tablespoon pickled jalapeño, diced
- juice of 1 1/2 lemons
- 1/2 tablespoon black pepper
- salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and add salt to taste.

This is a good one to make the night before or early in the day because it gets better and better as it sits. So good! Oh and I use light mayo and short cut it with the ready-pacs of shredded cabbage and carrot mix. Duh. The recipe also says it serves 15-18 but that's BS. Plan on that giving a good hearty serving to 6-8 maybe. I don't like to skimp.

OK so now that I've buttered you up with a good recipe, won't you be my friend? I recently joined Goodreads after a fellow reader recommended it. You may've noticed my little widget in my sidebar...

It is an awesome site for keeping up with what books you've read, what you're currently reading, and a wish-list of books you intend to read. It's a great way to see what other people are reading and get reviews on every book ever written. You can create reading goals for yourself and track them. But as they say on their website, "Goodreads is approximately 7 bajillion times more awesome when your friends are using it too. We have proven this. With science."

So far I have one friend. If you're a reader, will you be my buddy? Sign up here if you don't already have a Goodreads profile. And then come find me! It's fun to see what other friends are reading and get recommendations! I'm still very new to the site so I'm not very *seasoned* yet. I need some friends. Be my friend!


Alicia said...

I just joined Goodreads too after reading about it on another blog! I love it so far but I am like you - just 2 friends! I added you as a friend!

Have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK with the surgery!!


The Pink Putter said...

Now that's a recipe that Mr. P would love! I will definitely be trying that one out. Thanks!

Ruth said...

Glad you are enjoying the site. I love it. It is a great way to keep up with the books you want to read. And i double check it on occasion at the library from my IPhone app