Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to Acupuncture

This is just a little update... real quick like... as I'm buried in work right now!  I did start back at acupuncture on Saturday and it was great.  I scarfed down a chargrilled chicken filet from CFA before heading in, in fear of nearly passing out again since I hadn't done acupuncture in several months.  (I got very light-headed after my first-ever session.)  But I had no problems whatsoever. 
I was a little anxious to hear what my doctor was going to say about my body's "condition" since I hadn't been in a while and hadn't been back on Moo Goo all that long.  I swear this woman can tap my ankle and tell I've had a cookies n' cream milkshake in the last three days.  She looked in my ears and asked if I had any cravings.  Why did I not name milkshakes?!  Haha...  But really, other than the occasional swoon over a milkshake ad, I haven't had any viscious cravings lately.  I used to have mad chocolate cravings - so she'd stick a needle or two in my ear to nip those in the bud.  But I've tried to stay away from chocolate altogether and I really haven't had any. 
Overall, my energy is apparently weak.  She mushes on my ankles to come to this conclusion.  Duh, isn't that how you know you're a bit run down?  Not surprising... given my current tax season work schedule.  So yeah, we've got some work to do before T-Day.  She gave me a new round of herbs to take - several of which are energy boosters.  And she told me about a new cereal she found at Costco that she wanted me to get.  After spending five minutes discussing our common love for Costco, I agreed that I would go find this magic cereal.  And it is delish!  It's basically a loose granola cereal with pumpkin seeds and flax seeds (two of my doctor's most recommended seeds, by the way).  I eat it with my room temperature almond milk and it totally takes care of any sweet cravings that pop up!
Also in an effort to increase my overall energy and strength, I went back to yoga on Sunday after a month-long hiatus.  I didn't mean to go a month without, but you know... work and sleep have gotten in the way lately.  It felt great to get back in the gym.  It's amazing how one yoga class can make me feel so much stronger and beautiful and just generally more "with it."  We loves it.
OK back to work...  less than two weeks till I start my meds!  And tax season is over in less than three!  Bring it! 


JMMarden said...

Three things:
1- I literally drove to Chick Fil A and got a milkshake after I read your post about them. I couldn't resist.
2- I feel the same way about yoga- it's such a mind changer.
3- have you found any other good moo goo finds at Costco?

Bella Michelle said...

I haven't been by in a while to comment, but I promise I think about y'all and am sending good thoughts your way for future blessings. (((hugs)))

Sasha said...

Been thinking about you- saying my prayers for you as well!