Monday, March 21, 2011

FET Protocol - Here we go!

I just got off the phone with one of the nurses with my instructions leading up to this first FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycle.  I'm very excited and eager to start but really my heart is pulled in another direction today, thinking about my sweet friend (another fellow IF sister) who just lost her baby at six weeks.  Ugh, it just sucks and I hate it for her so much.  She will pull through this, I know, but it just takes some time to grieve and face the reality of starting over. 
So yes, I'm thrilled we're finally getting started here but today my heart is heavy for my friend, so my standard overuse of exclamation points is more limited today.  Anyway, this cycle I just started is the cycle before my actual transfer cycle.  My meds are on the way and my Lupron start date is April 10.  I'll do one injection each morning until they tell me to stop.  Lupron basically stops the next cycle from occurring, meaning I won't ovulate next cycle.  (The buns are ready - we just need to bake them.)
I also have an appointment in a couple of weeks to "rough up" the lining of my uterus.  Does that sound pleasant, or what?!  I've heard it's not too horrible.  I'll just pop a couple of Tylenol beforehand.  Supposedly this helps with the lining and implantation, so bring it.  We are going to be mega-aggressive with my lining this go-around.  They'll get me nice and plump, like a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.  Shooting me up with hormones.  Fattening me up for the big day.  Whatever, let's just do it.  I've got plenty of drawstring pants.
Lupron is the only thing I have to worry about this cycle.  Then once I start the actual FET cycle, I'll (at some point) start estrogen and progesterone.  I'll be doing the progesterone shots this time - which I hear are SUPER fun.  Intramuscular shots - the hub certainly will have to help me with those.  I can handle the Lupron, but yowzers - he's gonna have to handle the big needles.  Can't wait!  Oh the things we do...
All in all, it's stupid easy compared to a fresh cycle.  I am hoping we can knock it out with a frozen cycle.  With the pre-paid plan we did, we have already paid for another fresh cycle, but hopefully I won't have to do it.  We have two frozen cycle chances before having to attempt a fresh cycle again.  We have an army of frozen embryos, so honestly we shouldn't *need* to do another fresh cycle, but again - if the first two frozen attempts don't work, we've already paid for the second fresh cycle. 
I've got acupuncture scheduled for Saturday afternoon, so I'm sure I'll be put on an updated herbal regimen as well.  For now, I'm enjoying the "break."  I'm not supposed to take any herbs at all while on my period.  Chinese medicine is big on allowing the body to rest while Flo's visiting.  Fine with me... less pills to remember to take.
Oh and I finally ditched my decaf coffee this morning.  I've stayed off of caffeine for nearly a year, but got into the habit of drinking decaf in the mornings.  Just the act of holding that warm cup of coffee helped me wake up.  It's all mental I realize, but oh I craved it every morning!  My acupuncturist says "no coffee!" so with the onset of this current cycle, I agreed to nix it altogether.  I sit here and daydream about the day I'm 3 months pregnant and can feast on a huge milkshake.  That's what's getting me by on this diet: milkshake fantasies.
I'll give an update when I have one!  Have a great week...


Julie Tiemann said...

Wow. Bless your heart. And your muscles - intramuscular shots?! Soooo exciting though. There are three of you girls that I want to get preggers sooooo bad that I can hardly stand it. Like I'm gonna be WAY more excited than I ever was for myself. Praying hard!!!

BroncoMom said...