Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making Progress

I know...  I am so dang behind on posting.  I've just been away from bloggy world and cyber world in general over the last couple of weeks!  It really takes me a few weeks to get back into a normal schedule after tax season.  I was out of town last week, busy all weekend with Easter festivities (which were awesome!) and this week we had a conference for work that was an overnight thing at a resort with horrid cell reception.  So I couldn't even tweet.  And on top of all that, it is National Infertility Awareness Week.  Any my participation has been lacking, to say the least!  BUT, I am planning to get a post up this week.  The "theme" that Resolve is throwing out there this year for infertility bloggers is "busting infertility myths."  I am choosing to bust the myth that if you're infertile, you don't deserve a child.  Sounds harsh, but you must realize that this very thought enters every IF girl's head at one point or another.  I know where that thought comes from, and I know how to kick its ass.... so more on that later.
As for now, I just upped my Estrace (estrogen) dose yesterday.  It continues to stair-step up over the next couple of weeks. I will increase it again on Saturday.  And then my ultrasound is Monday!  Very excited to see where my lining is.  This past Tuesday I had acupuncture and my doctor did this cupping procedure on my inner ankles to help improve circulation.  I am up for WHATEVER works but dammit if I don't look like a leper now.  My poor ankles are all butchered up.  No big deal, but we've got a wedding tomorrow!  No, not the royal wedding (swoon!), but a local one we're attending tomorrow afternoon.  I'm thinking my little emerald green cocktail number's not going to cut it.  I guess a long dress is my only real answer here...  that or some of those heels with the ankle strap thingees to hide my ugliness.  But (a) I don't think my frame can pull those off and (b) I don't want to spend money on shoes.  I have a gift card to Fab'rik so I'm running over there at lunch to see if I can find a solution.  The only long dress I have in my closet is a maxi dress from Old Navy... even if I dress it up I think it's going to be too casual.  And I refuse to wear hose with a short dress, so that's not an answer either.  Hmmm...  I'll let y'all know what I figure out!
But speaking of the royal wedding, my Tivo will most definitely be set for all the festivities in the morning.  I haven't been following it too much, but for whatever reason, I can't seem to get enough of it this week!  I just find the royals so darn fascinating.  Will you be tuning in?!
Also... we braved the mighty storms here last night.  Actually, they weren't all that mighty in our neighborhood.  Atlanta really didn't get hit too hard as far as I could tell.  But the hub and I were glued to the television till nearly midnight.  My thoughts and prayers are certainly with all the families in Alabama and other regions that had severe damage.  How terribly sad and frightening...  did any of y'all have significant storm damage?


BritMarie said...

Maybe you can put a little concealer or foundation on your ankles? That way you can still wear the cute, little emrald number! :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Who is getting married on a Fri afternoon?

We had storms here too. Nothing like the South- OMG my heart sinks thinking about them. But it's still pretty rare to have thunder and lightening up here. Was your family OK in Alabama?

And maybe I need to work on the myth(is it? I sure hope so!) that single girls don't deserve to have a hub and baby!

Love you, Bestie!

BBH said...

Hi, I'm a fellow infertile that found your blog through one of your friends' "fashion" blogs (I can't remember which one, though!) Anyway, I busted that same myth yesterday! I'm sorry you're having to go through all this. Good luck with the FET, I'm rooting for you!