Saturday, May 7, 2011

FET Video Diary: Progesterone, Take 2

Holy CRAP, my right butt cheek hurts. The first shot was rather easy peasy, aside from the soreness and insomnia that followed. But this second attempt got that muscle good. Dear me. I had to brighten up this video during editing, so that's why my 'puter screen looks like something out of Tron. So yeah, excuse the quality but it's indeed light years better than the mess I left you with yesterday. You can actually SEE something this time!

Oh and a question for you PIO pros... could the hub be shoving the needle in faster? Looks like he's going in total slow-mo to me. I totally jab my itty needles in hard and fast. Should we do the same with these? Or would that hurt like hell? I'm taking any pointers I can get, so bring it.

Also while messing around on You Tube I found an old video of our beloved embryologist. OMG I'm so glad y'all get to hear his accent. Just listening to it gets me so jazzed up for Wednesday! You can't understand half of what he says, but that's part of his charm. Take good care of our babies, Peter! *Eets gude!* We'll see you in a few days...

Up Next: TRANSFER DAY! Don't have an exact time yet, but it'll be Wednesday! I'll be taking the whole day off and my schedule will be transfer-acupuncture-couch.

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