Friday, May 6, 2011

FET Video Diary: Progesterone

Disclaimer: This is possibly the worst quality video ever taken. The angle is bad, the lighting is horrible, my hand is covering up half the screen, and you can't really see what's going on. Valuable footage, huh? Well let's just say it was about 9:45pm when we got around to doing this first PIO shot and we were both exhausted and not in the mood to be on camera. So I just consider this REAL reality TV, friends. So it is what it is - and more than anything, I just wanted to document this first one since I've been a little freaked out about it ever since those big ass needles arrived in the mail weeks ago. I think we'll film the next one as well to see if we can get a better angle on my bum... without showing my entire bum to the world!

So yes, just a recap here... today's CD16 and this is the first of (hopefully) many PIO shots that I will have to do nightly. Just as it's called, it is progesterone literally in an oil. So my question is, if 1mL of oil is being injected directly into my butt, do I need to log those calories in?! I mean, for real. I am literally injecting fat into my butt. Because we certainly need more of that! I will continue these injections on past the transfer on Wednesday and if pregnant, I think I may have to do them for the entire first trimester... not sure. One step at a time here!

The shot itself was not bad at all. I rubbed some Lidocaine cream on my bum beforehand and I think that definitely helped. I could tell it was working because after flossing my teeth later, I realized I must not have gotten all the cream off my fingers. I suddenly felt like I was at the dentist... the left side of my mouth was going numb. Well, glad to know it works!

Today I also started the two oral meds I mentioned earlier - Medrol and Doxycycline. I'm still on 2mg of Estrace three time a day (1 orally, 2 vaginally). And I'm still on Lupron right up until the transfer. Post-transfer I will just be on the progesterone and Estrace (estrogen). Oh and baby aspirin - I take one of those daily as well. Not to mention my other million herbs and pre-natal vitamins. I am a pill poppin' fool.

Next Up: Like I said, we'll try to get a better video of the PIO shots, but the next big step is the TRANSFER! Only 4 more days - wow!

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