Monday, August 29, 2011

Nursery Closet: The Finished Product!

I must say, we are doing a great job of getting our August nursery to-do's marked off the list. The big goals for this month were to order the crib (check), find a changing table (check), order blinds (check), paint the closet (check), and update the closet shelving (check). Look at us go!

So this weekend we added that second row of shelving I mentioned in the nursery closet, some hooks for the wall, and a couple of other organizer caddy things from Wally World to complete it all. (Hop over here if you want to see the "before" pics again.) Total spent on the closet makeover... about $120.

- Paint from Home Depot, $25
- Extra shelving and wall hook pieces from Lowe's, $47
- Canvas shelving and rolling carts from Wal-Mart, $48

And here's the end product! I'm in love. If the nursery itself is half as much fun as the closet is, I think we'll be in great shape...

Only thing left to do is add a tension rod and fabric for a "door." But I'm considering that more a part of the nursery room decor itself since we'll most likely use one of the fabrics to coordinate with the bedding. And seeing as my swatches still haven't arrived, we don't know what those fabrics are just yet! I did contact Carousel though and they sent another order out. They responded almost immediately to my email! Looks like my first batch (that I ordered over two weeks ago) got lost in the mail or something.

Alright, gotta get going. Meant to post an 18-week belly pic this weekend, but never got around to it. I'll get one up shortly! Oh also... the rocker hunt went well this weekend too! Nothing purchased yet, but we got a good feel for who has what. Probably will do a little more looking this weekend and make a final decision once our fabric swatches arrive.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Checking things off my list!

Moving right along here... 18 weeks today!  Can't believe it.  So grateful.  Literally, every night when I get up to pee a million times, I recite what day we're on while I'm half asleep... 17w5d... 17w6d...18 weeks!  We're truly thankful for each new day.  It is all progress.  We're still a long way away from taking Sam home in our arms, but every step is very exciting and encouraging.
We got a couple of appointments set up with local pediatricians and I suppose I'll be calling on daycares next.  A lot of the ladies at work use the same daycare close to our office so I think I'm going to pop in there with a co-worker next week to get a first look.  Working moms, do you think it's best to have daycare closest to your office or to your home?  My commute is only about 15 minutes, so it's not a huge deal either way, but it's sounding like it might be more convenient to have a spot close to my office.  Another plus is that my parents literally live like 2 minutes from my office, so they could access a daycare nearby easily if need be.  It also seems to makes sense to have Sam's daycare and doctor close to each other, if possible.  And back to pediatricians... what questions do we need to be asking?
So nursery projects continue... this weekend we're on a rocker hunt!  I've got a plan of attack all laid out for us, thanks to several tips from friends on places to hit.  I'm really hoping my fabric swatches will arrive so we can figure out the bedding and bring the colors along with us.  I ordered them nearly two weeks ago - hurry UP!  Either way, I think we will go with something neutral for the rocker - probably a soft taupe color.  And I'm definitely after the upholstered chair look.  I'm not a fan of the wooden glider look personally and there's going to be so much wood and trim in our nursery between the furniture and the shelving - I rather soften it up with something more plush and cushy!  We plan to hit BRU, Buy Buy Baby, The Baby's Room (local place in Norcross), and probably some regular furniture stores too like Haverty's.  I also need to run in PB Kids to grab a basket liner to send to bestest - she's going to make me some with whatever fabrics we end up choosing!  (The baskets with liners are for the changing table.)  And we're also going to swing by Home Depot and have them cut another row of shelving for our sweet orange closet!  Makes for a busy Saturday, huh?  Fun though!
Oh, also... a reader asked if I'm still doing acupuncture.  I am, actually!  I know I haven't said much about it, if anything, lately.  I was still doing weekly appointments all through the first trimester and now I'm down to once every four weeks.  The funny thing is, ever since becoming pregnant, I am SO restless during acupuncture.  I used to be able to sleep some or at the very least relax during sessions, but not now.  It's seriously a fight to make it through those 30 minutes!  Too funny.  I'm not on any herbs though.  Just sticking to my prenatal vitamins and baby aspirin.  LOVE having a low-maintenance regimen!
Hope you all have fabulous weekends!  I'll report back on the rocker hunt.  :-)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Orange you glad we finally painted the closet?

Yes, us too! And it turned out SO great. And it is seriously orange - I love it! Now remember this has no bearing whatsoever on our nursery colors - it's literally just the inside of the closet. I wanted something fun, bright, and gender-neutral. Turns out orange goes fabulously with blue AND pink. And while you can't really tell in these pics, it's like a sherbet orange. Rather delicious! Once again, here's the BEFORE pic in boring beige...

And the finished product! (The color shows up best in the 2nd pic, but none of these do the orange justice.)

Oh yeah, it is ALL orange, ceiling included. It's wise to put on some shades before entering. Once we get things more situated, I'll definitely get some better pics up, but for now I'm being lazy and using camera phone pics, so excuse the poor quality.

We're still going to add one more row of shelving on that left wall, and probably some more organizer thingees on the back wall. I just bought a couple of things at Wal-mart to see what might work. So this is a start! Sam's already racking up some goodies...

And speaking of goodies, I had another "spare change" trip to Kohl's this weekend. I rarely go in there, but if they send me a $10 card, I come runnin'. Just look at these cleareance cuties...

For literally, spare change! Love it!

Hope y'all have a great week! I'm still working on getting pics of our consignment goodies up. Check back soon...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gearing Up

It seems like we have so much time before Sam gets here, but then I start sorting out all the things we have to do and figure out before he does and YIKES - we don't have that much time after all!  We've got five months left.  And everyday I think of something else we need to sort out.  And really, I'm wanting to have everything baby figured out and put together by the time Thanksgiving gets here.  For a couple of reasons... (1) You never know when baby is going to act up and either put you on bed-rest or insist on coming early, and (2) the holiday season is so crazy busy for us and I want to be able to just enjoy it and not be frantically finishing up the nursery or something.  And then hello, it's suddenly January and it's almost time!
So here are some of the major things we're looking to accomplish over the next few months.  Feel free to jump in and add something I need to consider because, obviously, I don't know what the hell I'm doing...
- Setting up the nursery (duh).  We've got all our furniture except the rocker.  We're still looking around for the best price for that item, as it will undoubtedly be the most expensive piece.  I'm not a big fan of the wooden gliders, so I really want to find an upholstered chair/rocker.  I like the style of the basic Pottery Barn Kids version, but not at $1200 (once you add in delivery, etc).  I've got some places to look, thanks to fellow momma friends, but if you have any suggestions, please advise!  The Baby Bargains book suggests looking at regular furniture places too, so we'll probably do that as well.  Aside from furniture, we're wanting to do built-in bookshelves along the back wall so we're working on figuring all that out right now.  I got a quote for a monogrammed cornice board for the window, laughed out loud, and then decided we could make one on our own.  And we've also got a closet and bathroom to work on.  So much to do!  But it all looks fabulous in my head.  I'm currently waiting on fabric swatches to arrive so we can figure out the bedding and go from there.
- Registering for gifts. We're planning to do this next month and we're going to bring along a momma friend to help us since we don't know what we're doing and Babies 'R Us is mildly terrifying.  May do Target too. Any other suggestions?  Maybe Pottery Barn Kids, but honestly I don't think I'd have more than a few things that I'd put on there, so what's the point?  I'm not registering for my bedding anywhere - we're just going to buy that because hell if I'm waitin'!
- Becoming parenting experts.  Apparently we need classes... so I've got us all signed up for a bunch of stuff.  Piedmont Hospital offers up a free prenatal series, so we're doing that in October.  And we're also doing a breastfeeding class in December (yeah, that's after Thanksgiving, but just barely).  AND we're signed up for a CPR class next month.  Oh yeah and a hospital tour next month as well.  After December 3rd, we should know everything there is to know about parenting!!!
- Figuring out daycare and healthcare.  Next month the hub and I are taking off a day to peruse local daycares and also visit pediatricians in our area.  I've never doctor-shopped, so this should be interesting.  Luckily, we have lots of great friends nearby who have offered up referrals.  Good thing too, because otherwise I'd have no idea where to start.  I guess we'll need to actually make appointments with the doctors, but we just plan on dropping in on the daycares
That is the major stuff.  And of course there are other important things in the mix as well, like getting our wills established.  That task has been "in process" for months, but it's time to finally bite the bullet and get it done.  We should have them anyway, regardless.  And figuring out how to best adapt our pups to having a new little brother in the house.  We predict they'll be super protective of Sam - they're both great around little kids.  But it's how the two dogs are with each other that can cause problems.  Two crazy bitches.  So we just have to set up precautions there.  Lots to think about! 
So in other baby news, my mom and I went to our first baby and kids' consignment sale yesterday and it was NUTS.  To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement.  I'm not sure I'm cut out for these things.  Well for one thing, I didn't know what the heck to look for.  And there was just SO much stuff.  And generally I'm not the type who likes to fight crowds and dig for stuff.  There were times when I just stood there with our basket and stared off into space because I didn't know what to do!  But, we did come away with some cute clothes, a clock that might work in the nursery, and we also found a pack of monogrammed burp cloths that all said "Samuel."  Too funny - had to get those.  I'll get some pics up later of our loot.  There was a ton of baby gear, but I just didn't know what to do with it.  I think after Sam is here and I'm a parenting expert, I'll know better how to navigate these mega consignment sales.  But for now, it's a bit much for me.
Well, hope you all have fantastic weekends!  We will be painting the nursery closet (for real this time) along with other fun chores around the house.  Pics to come!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Some goodies for our boy!

I promise I won't bore y'all with EVERY little thing we get for this kid, but the first few things are definitely fun! I am so more excited about a boy than I ever thought I would be. I am just so girly and always assumed I'd prefer having a girl (if I could choose), but I am all about boy now!

On Saturday we were running errands all over the place and stopped in Costco for a quick hot dog lunch. It is the happenin' place on a Saturday afternoon. So after lunch I told the hub I just wanted to *look* at the baby clothes to see what they had. Uh huh... I'm sure you can see where this is going. I couldn't pass up this sweet little Hanna Andersson sleeper!

Costco had several prints, all at less than $12. They retail for $26, so that's a pretty good deal. You can get cheaper stuff of course, but I love Hanna Andersson stuff (especially at Costco prices). Now I KNOW we're going to get all kinds of goodies at showers and stuff, so don't worry... I'm not going crazy! I just wanted to buy a few *boy* things now that we know. The hub said it feels so weird to be buying this stuff for us and not other people... so true. I've bought a million baby gifts before, but now it's for OUR baby. What?! And I've decided I'll only buy killer sale and clearance goodies I happen upon. Because seriously, I know I will get loaded up. But when I get a $10 Kohl's card in the mail, I can't help but run over there and rummage through the clearance section! Like I did Sunday and found these...

After applying my $10 Kohl's card, my grand total was only $2.97! Can't beat that. And how stinkin' cute are those? They're MUCH cuter in person. These are lousy pics. The one on the left is chocolate brown and the other is navy blue. I'm also buying larger sizes for the most part - because I know most people buy the itty bitty stuff for gifts. And of course my mom couldn't help herself either. After getting the "boy" news on Thursday, she was at Target on Friday and picked up these goodies, along with some matching wash cloths...

Too fun! Our little guy is going to be all set come January. And speaking of him, we DID come up with a name this weekend! My Dad's birthday was yesterday and we gave him the "big reveal" first as part of his gift. So are you ready? Introducing (sort of... in my belly anyway)...

Nolen was my grandfather's name and if you know my story and are familiar with the Bible, then Samuel's probably pretty obvious! But read up on Hannah's story in I Samuel 1 if not and it will make sense. I can't get through it without becoming a blubbering mess. We plan to call him "Sam." I'm a fan of one-syllable names for boys.

So yay! That was our weekend pretty much... lots of running around, Dad's birthday, and playing the name game. And yeah, no closet painting got done! Hmm... next weekend?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I guess my maternal instincts were a bit off...

Totally shocked, but completely thrilled!

I really didn't think we were going to get out of there today with an answer because baby was sitting with its legs all folded up for the longest time and not budging. He was definitely wiggling around in there, but wouldn't unfold those sweet legs. But finally he started stretching out some and the doctor caught some lucky shots of the goods. He kept calling it a "weiner" - it was hilarious. "Don't tell anyone we're taking all these weiner shots!" he said. Too funny...

The doctor said he could feel the baby moving through the ultrasound wand thingee - whatever you call it. So he let me hold it a while to see if I could, but I couldn't tell. We did get some good profile shots today. The little booger was very active and I'm convinced he's a dancer. He was doing a serious back bend at one point, a toe-touch at another, and then I was sold when I saw... jazz hands.

Aside from getting the fun news, we also got to take a really good look at all the major organs and see how everything's measuring up. We're right on schedule and all looks perfect! It is CRAZY what all you can see. All four chambers of the heart pumping away, both sides of the brain, the kidneys, the bladder, the intestines... and oh yeah, the weiner!!!


My money is still totally on Melanie after last night's performance finale! It'll definitely be a girl this year - that's for sure. Sasha is great too, but Melanie just melts my heart and hello, she's an Atlanta girl! Here's her delicious performance with All-Star Robert last night...

Guest judge Katie Holmes was so stinkin' gorgeous last night, but the hub and I kept laughing because her vocabulary for every critique consisted almost exclusively of the words strong, amazing, beautiful, and magical.

Go Melanie!

So in other news, it looks like about 70% of you are thinking pink... I hope we'll have an answer for you this afternoon! Exciting!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome to my crib, yo.

Our sweet crib arrived yesterday! And we didn't waste any time getting it assembled. I'm so happy with it. Now, baby, if you'll just cooperate and show us your goods on Thursday, I can start getting serious about fabrics!

I've been browsing here and there, and lately these softer hues have really caught my eye. Which is NOT like me... I always assumed I'd do something bright and funky. But something about a sweet nursery just oozes "baby," you know? No decisions made yet of course, but these two collections are looking rather delicious to me right now...

This is too fun! I'm hoping to get started on the closet paint this weekend. We did finally get to IKEA (which yet again, confirmed my hatred for the place) only to find nothing that would really work. So instead of revamping the entire shelving system in there, I think we're just going to add one more row of the basic wire shelving, definitely remove the door, and incorporate other boxes and hangy-down organizer type things to maximize storage. A much cheaper solution anyway, so I'm all about that! But first, paint. Pics to come soon!

If only...

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Lots of great numbers last night on SYTYCD, including solos by all the top 6. The solos usually aren't my favorite - I mean, how much awesome can you really fit into 30 seconds? Then Melanie said, "This is how much."

My money's on Melanie!!! (And how freakin' cute is her grandma, by the way?!)

In other news, I went to yoga last night for the first time since being pregnant. I hadn't felt up to it until recently and I finally took the plunge last night. I knew our instructor (at my gym) would be helpful with what-to-do-and-what-not-to-do-while-pregnant tips, but she was amazing. I spoke with her briefly before class just to let her know I was knocked up and she told me generally where I should take it easy, etc. And throughout the class she would look in my direction and give me safer options to do. But then after class she came over and talked with me for like 10 minutes - the girl knows her stuff. She knew all kinds of prenatal facts and big words I've never heard of... I have a whole list of things to google. And she's going to make some copies of some helpful prenatal yoga stuff for me and bring to the next class. How awesome is she? So yeah, it was great to get back to class and do something active besides housework or walking.

And one more thing... we have our 16 week ultrasound in ONE week! So if baby cooperates, we should be able to determine the sex. Seems like everyone I talk to thinks it's a girl (including us for some reason). What do you think? I'm putting a poll up on my sidebar, so go cast your vote!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to School

School starting back really means nothing to us right now other than heavier traffic in the mornings, but I gotta say I LOVE this commercial for some reason...

Can she my kid's future teacher? I love glitter.

I'm thinking of all my teacher friends who are back in the classroom this week getting prepared for the students. And enjoy these last few days of summer, kids! I can still remember the anticipation of the first day back...