Thursday, August 25, 2011

Checking things off my list!

Moving right along here... 18 weeks today!  Can't believe it.  So grateful.  Literally, every night when I get up to pee a million times, I recite what day we're on while I'm half asleep... 17w5d... 17w6d...18 weeks!  We're truly thankful for each new day.  It is all progress.  We're still a long way away from taking Sam home in our arms, but every step is very exciting and encouraging.
We got a couple of appointments set up with local pediatricians and I suppose I'll be calling on daycares next.  A lot of the ladies at work use the same daycare close to our office so I think I'm going to pop in there with a co-worker next week to get a first look.  Working moms, do you think it's best to have daycare closest to your office or to your home?  My commute is only about 15 minutes, so it's not a huge deal either way, but it's sounding like it might be more convenient to have a spot close to my office.  Another plus is that my parents literally live like 2 minutes from my office, so they could access a daycare nearby easily if need be.  It also seems to makes sense to have Sam's daycare and doctor close to each other, if possible.  And back to pediatricians... what questions do we need to be asking?
So nursery projects continue... this weekend we're on a rocker hunt!  I've got a plan of attack all laid out for us, thanks to several tips from friends on places to hit.  I'm really hoping my fabric swatches will arrive so we can figure out the bedding and bring the colors along with us.  I ordered them nearly two weeks ago - hurry UP!  Either way, I think we will go with something neutral for the rocker - probably a soft taupe color.  And I'm definitely after the upholstered chair look.  I'm not a fan of the wooden glider look personally and there's going to be so much wood and trim in our nursery between the furniture and the shelving - I rather soften it up with something more plush and cushy!  We plan to hit BRU, Buy Buy Baby, The Baby's Room (local place in Norcross), and probably some regular furniture stores too like Haverty's.  I also need to run in PB Kids to grab a basket liner to send to bestest - she's going to make me some with whatever fabrics we end up choosing!  (The baskets with liners are for the changing table.)  And we're also going to swing by Home Depot and have them cut another row of shelving for our sweet orange closet!  Makes for a busy Saturday, huh?  Fun though!
Oh, also... a reader asked if I'm still doing acupuncture.  I am, actually!  I know I haven't said much about it, if anything, lately.  I was still doing weekly appointments all through the first trimester and now I'm down to once every four weeks.  The funny thing is, ever since becoming pregnant, I am SO restless during acupuncture.  I used to be able to sleep some or at the very least relax during sessions, but not now.  It's seriously a fight to make it through those 30 minutes!  Too funny.  I'm not on any herbs though.  Just sticking to my prenatal vitamins and baby aspirin.  LOVE having a low-maintenance regimen!
Hope you all have fabulous weekends!  I'll report back on the rocker hunt.  :-)


Lisa said...

Yay, 18 weeks already! Almost halfway there can you believe it? Would love to see some preggo pics if you're comfortable sharing :)

Jill said...

Woo hoo! Loving it! My opinion on day care is you'll want your little one as close to YOU as possible during the day, so closer to work is better. It'll just feel better emotionally knowing you can be there in 5 minutes if need be. Since he's only going to be there while you are at work anyway, I think that's the best thing. Just my thoughts though. =)

sewfunbymonique said...

I stumbled upon your blog and love all that you've written about your infertility journey. You have a great sense of humor! Regarding your baby bedding quest, have you checked etsy yet? I have a shop there (sewfunbymonique), but there are lots of others who offer custom designed baby bedding so it doesn't have to look like a 'bedding in a bag'.:) Blessings to you and your family!

Susannah said...

Love The Baby's Room-that's where I got my rocker-it's perfect with an ottoman too. I got custom fabric-khaki gingham. But, it was pricey. I'm sure you could find one somewhere else and then have it recovered-I think we paid like 750 for ours-and now, with kid number 2, I think it was a waste. Because when we're done with it, I'll have to have it recovered to go in a living room. Maybe one day I will have a playroom it can go in. But, I love that store!

Anne said...

Yay for 18 weeks! When I went back to work, I loved having Mac nearby my office. I got to sneak in on my lunch hour and nurse him or swing by if I was out of the office for a meeting. It was great. I loved the peace of mind knowing I could be to him in less than 5 minutes, flat. Plus, having coworkers whose children went there meant I got pics emailed to me when people stopped in to "check" on our little guy. Such a comfort! Hope the hunt for a doc and a daycare both go well. :)

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

hey girl-
i'm sure you've already this recommendation, but we love gwinnett pediatrics. dr. john pitts is mary margaret's doctor...and he was my doctor too! (i was his first adopted baby when he started in 1980)
great practice with 3 locations.
so happy that you're at 18 weeks!

Jillian, Inc said...

I had the same daycare near work or home question and I ended up going with one near my home and it was a great choice. Though, with your short commute it probably doesn't matter much. I know it doesn't seem possible now but trust me, there are days when you will take time off work and you will take your child to daycare so you can GET THINGS DONE or HAVE SOME TIME TO YOURSELF ALONE IN YOUR OWN HOUSE. I was appalled before I had kids that moms who would take a day off and take their kids to daycare but trust me - it will be a godsend. But again, if you're only 15 minutes from your office, it's a wash. So excited for you!!! 18 weeks!

Susan said...

Have you been to New Baby Products on Cheshire Bridge Rd? They have a good selection on rockers. We bought a soft taupe color as well and it was the best money we ever spent. You will spend HOURS in the chair and you want it be comfy. We figured because it's a neutral color we'll be able to move to the family room later on. Good Luck!!! :)