Friday, November 11, 2011

The Hospital Bag

Y'all were so helpful with tips on nursing stuff... how about items for the hospital bag?  I've already started packing and have made mad progress.  I got some great suggestions from Facebook friends that I hadn't thought of, so I figured y'all might have some ideas as well!  We're having a scheduled c-section and will probably be in the hospital 4 nights.  So, what are your must-haves?

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday... it's 11/11/11!  And Happy Veteran's Day!  I'll be back later with shower pics from last weekend.  Haven't had time to sit in front of the 'puter all week!


Katie said...

Although I'm not a mother yet, all of my friends have said that the most important item to have in your hospital bag is nipple cream! Apparently you can get pretty uncomfortable those first few days while nursing and my friends swear by it. They all recommend the Lansinoh brand. Not the coolest item in the bag, but comfort is key those first few days!

Melissa said...

Lol my first comment was going to be to pack enough to stay 4 days in case you wind up with a c-section, but you already know that you will!

Here's what I used from my hospital bag: Pillows for us, nursing pillow (a HUGE must if you're breastfeeding), nightgowns (easier to check you "down there" if needed and they won't rub your c-section incision. Otherwise bring loose, comfy pants and nursing tanks), a huge box of granola bars, toiletries, makeup (I felt much better once I was showered and looked a bit put together), hair dryer, flat iron, and a camera.

For the baby, I brought a NB and 0-3 month outfit for going home. Good thing too because L never fit into NB stuff because he was almost 10lbs at birth. I also brought a blanket for him, a hat, socks, diapers (didn't need them tho), and his car seat (duh)

I wish I brought our own towels. The hospital ones are so small, and thin, and they suck.

4DsfromLHP said...

For sure bring Lansinoh and start using it before the need arises. Much better to stay ahead of the game with that! Chapstick is handy b/c if you have to wear an oxygen mask at all it can really dry your lips out. Finally, bring a little notepad and pen to jot down feeding times b/c even though you think you will be able to remember when the last feeding was, you won't! :) Also, you can write down little details like favorite nurses, visitors, your room #, etc., that you will want to include in a baby book or some other journal. Best of luck to you!

Amy said...

This is also in the not-glamerous department, but even with a c-section you'll need maxi pads and what they provide are crazy big, so I'd get some of those ultra-thin kind. I never needed nipple cream and nursed two little ones, so don't let that advice scare you! But bring it if you want. :) Pack baby blankets, hats, extra socks. Make sure your carseat straps are set to the lowest setting and be prepared to bring with you into the room. You may have to do a carseat check with your son since he'll be early.

This is so exciting! Good idea to be prepared early. I had two preemies and it's a must!

gigiofca said...

It sounds like you're very prepared. I agree to bring the nipple creme. I wouldn't take that as a warning. You might find that you need it after nursing, but I'd start before. You'll have help w/nurses coming in and out at all hours, so you'll have time to shower and fix yourself up if you like. I didn't think I would want visitors and only had immediate family. Now I wish I had invited about 3 or 4 more friends to the hospital because w/crazy baby hours, I'm never in the mood to have ppl over. But that's just me. I agree w/Melissa about hospital towns. Not fun. I'm a teense ocd so I found myself wishing for Clorox wipes. I was glad I had my mini room spray for the bathroom. In closing, the biggest surprise for me was that I had a 6 lb baby and left the hospital only 3 lbs lighter. I didn't even lose 6 lbs total! All the fluids they put in before the section, I guess. I was just glad I brought maternity clothes for the 3rd trimester.

funfavorites said...

I think nice cozy socks and slippers are important. Several comfy sweat suits with a nursing tank under made me feel at least like I was dressed for visitors, but still very comfortable. I also loved having my own body wash and wash cloth since you can't really shower right away. I had a c-section and was in the hospital about a week with twins.I also brought and inexpensive "throw away" super soft throw to cuddle up with. It was great to keep me warm and also to cuddle up with the baby.

Kelly said...

Ok, I had a scheduled c-section as well. My must haves were
*Dry Shampoo. They wont let you shower for a day or two, so this made me feel semi clean.
*ponds wipes or even baby wipes for a "dry bath." Same as aboe
*maxi dresses. I HATED the hospital gown, and these were comfy to lay around in
*SNACKS. Holy hell I was starving (after I was allowed to eat solids again) and the hospital food took for friggin ever
*Belly Bandit. This thing was AMAZING. It helped a ton as compression feels good against the incision, and it makes you aware of using your core so you dont engage it too much.
*camera/phone/chargers, etc
*I didnt have an issue with raw nipples, but they were a bit sore, so Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter worked wonders for me (its organic and 100% natural and doesnt need to be washed off before baby nurses)
*going home outfit for baby. The rest of the time we just kept her in the hospital wrap top.
*Swaddle blankets. We used them in the hospital bc I wasnt a fan of the hospital blankets, Ours were softer (A&A)
*cute blanket for a mini photo shoot. the 4 days sems like an eternity, youll get bored and want to do this =o)