Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nursing Stuff?

We're 28 weeks today!  Another great milestone... as I understand it, baby has about a 90% survival rate if he were to arrive today.  I remember a friend of ours being on hospitalized bed rest for weeks with twins and the big goal was for her to make it to 28 weeks before delivering (which she did and they are great!).  So that particular number has since been a big one in my head.  AND the hub and I also celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday!  Milestones all over.  Crazy how time flies...
Other good news - I passed my initial glucose screening!  I wasn't particularly nervous about not passing, but that first test does have a pretty high fail rate (as much as 25%).  If you fail the first test, they have you come back for a much more extensive 3-hour test to see if you do in fact have gestational diabetes.  Didn't have to go there, so that is great!  My iron levels, however, were rather low.  So they put me on extra iron supplements.  Little Sam is quite the energy sucker!  I've had to take iron before and this time we're going to have to be a lot more careful with the pills.  Did you know they can be deadly to little kids and animals?  Yeah...
This was years ago, but my GYN put me on iron for a while.  (Apparently my ramen noodle diet during tax season one year wasn't cutting it.)  Well, one evening we came downstairs to find the punch packs from my iron pills completely empty with little aluminum foil pieces all over the floor and two silly dogs looking up at us like they hit the jackpot.    I looked at the back of the package and of course there was this deathly warning about kids or animals consuming large of amounts of the pills.  Really?  So ALL the pills would be pretty bad, then?  The hub immediately got on the phone with poison control and they knew just what to do.  We didn't know which dog ate what - Belly or Charlie.  Charlie was more likely to be the guilty one, but we really didn't know.  The solution?  Have them drink hydrogen peroxide and it'll force them to throw the pills up.  Great!  Except that we had no hydrogen peroxide in the house.  At this point, it was about 11:30pm.  So fast forward a bit, and we find ourselves in the parking lot of the nearest 24hr Kroger, forcing hydrogen peroxide down or dogs' throats so they'll vomit.  Sure enough, it worked.  And BOTH our sillies were guilty as charged. 
So uh... we'll be keeping a tighter grip on those pills this time.  Anyway, on to my real point of this post!  So I'm planning on breastfeeding Sam and this of course is something, like all baby stuff, that I know nothing about.  I've registered for a good pump and all kinds of accessories and crap that I really don't understand.  We're taking a breastfeeding class next month, so hopefully that'll enlighten me on a lot of this.  But my question today is... what the heck do I really need as far as nursing bras and clothing?  I did already find a nursing bra that I really love for everyday wear - so I think I'm good there.  But what about one for sleep?  Why are those necessary?  And then there are all these nursing cami's and tops and jammies and what have you.  Is the point there just to allow you to be discreet in public?  Well here's the thing...  and I know this is one of those *controversial* topics... but I am very modest.  I'm not the mom who's gonna whip out her boob in public unless it's a flippin' emergency.  And if I do have to nurse out in the open (as opposed to a restroom or nursing area), it'll be under a cover or blanket.  I know breastfeeding is a natural thing, moms - I DO get that.   And I get that you gotta do what you gotta do when you gotta do it.  I just don't personally care for seeing a giant bare boob across the way when I'm munching on my burrito at Moe's.  We could argue to the hills whether that should or shouldn't bother me or anyone else, but that's pointless here.  Just stating that fact that I'm a modest gal... so for someone like me, what's necessary in the way of nursing attire?
I would like to maybe have some good options for the hospital since we'll be there for several days and people, I'm sure, are going to be in and out of our room all the time.  If I have a good nursing bra, is a regular loose-fitting top good enough?  I just have no idea!  So mommas, please share your thoughts on that.  What were your must-have bras or clothes for nursing?


Dr. Blondie said...

I highly recommend Bravado nursing bras--they're expensive, but well worth the money. The silk seamless style is my favorite... comfy and supportive for daytime, but also comfy enough that I can sleep in it at night. If your body produces a lot of milk, you'll need to sleep in a nursing bra to keep your nursing pads in place (to soak up milk that leaks, especially if Sam sleeps longer than expected). In terms of the bras, I'd buy at least 2 to start with, and then buy more once you see what size you'll really need. The Bravado styles are supportive, but very stretchy, so they easily expand if you become engorged. Good luck!

Melissa said...

I don't nurse in public either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but like you, I am very modest and don't want to run the risk of flashing anyone. I pump bottles for when we go out and we're not usually out for more than a couple hours at a time, so it works out. I've had to nurse Landon in the car a few times, or a dressing room, but I won't do it out in the open. Even with a cover, Landon is old enough now where he moves around like a maniac while nursing and I'd wind up flashing people anyway.

The fact that you found a nursing bra for everyday use is great, make sure you get a few of them. You need the sleep bras (I had the Medela ones) because your boobs get huge and you need some support at night and the regular bras aren't comfy to sleep in! Once your supply evens out in a few months and you don't get engorged and stuff, you can sleep in nursing tanks. I live in mine and they are so comfy and make those nighttime feedings much easier.

For the hospital, I got 2 nursing nightgowns. I liked these because they obviously offered easy boob access, and it also allowed the Dr. and nurses to check me where the baby came out easier (and they will check you there several times). If you have a c-section, nightgowns are nice because they don't rub on your incision.

Jill said...

LOVE the nursing tanks. (I just got some from target)...I loved wearing them under things, because then even if I needed to pull up a shirt or something, I was still covered (I'm modest too...I'd pump at work in the nursing room and sometimes there would be another girl around so the tanks were great for that...). Lived in those things, great for sleeping, wearing under shirts,etc. Yeah, it's bizarre but you actually WILL find yourself wanting to sleep in a bra or tank top for a long'll be wearing pads for leaking at night and stuff so the bra/tank is a necessity, so get some stuff you feel comfy sleeping in. Does that even make sense? You are so much more prepared than me...I knew nothing. To be honest, my BIGGEST advice when it comes to nursing is just to be as relaxed as possible about it all. If it works for you, great, enjoy it, but know that Sam is going to be FINE either can become a stressful/emotional thing. Going in to it with a "let's just see how it goes" attitude is the best, and you will do that great I know!

Bella Michelle said...

I am absolutely no help in the area of nursing stuff, because of medical issues I was not able to nurse.

BUT I want to tell you Happy Anniversary and I am so happy for you that your are so close to holding that little man in your arms!!!!


Elizabeth said...

My baby girl was born at 28weeks 3days in July. She came home on low flow O2 but she is doing pretty good.

And our black lab got into some rat poisoning this summer & we used the hydrogen peroxide to make her times but she's good now. :)

I LOVED the sports nursing bra I got from Motherhood. It was the most comfortable, functional bra I've ever worn!!

Susannah said...

Yay on 28 weeks and 9 years! As far as bras, you will want lots! Sleep ones especially-the boobs will hurt and you need to keep them secure!

Breezy said...

I don't have too much in the way of advisement here because I was only able to nurse for the first month. BUT, I was so glad to have nursing tanks and bras. Ditto on the sleeping thing the others have said up there with regards to needing a bra to sleep in (I slept in nursing tanks with nursing pads tucked in them). You'll definitely want bras and tanks because of the modesty thing (it means you don't have to pull your shirt up, the tanks unhook at the boobage area). Later, if you see that you are finding yourself nursing more in public settings or something you could buy some nursing tops (most maternity places have them) and they allow for boobage access without lifting up a shirt (which still under a cover you don't want your whole midsection hanging out). I LIVED in zip up hoodies and nursing tanks the first few weeks. Unzip that hoodie and unhook that tank and you're good to go. I'd start with a few tanks and two bras as suggested and then see what you need once you're actually doing it =)

funfavorites said...

Target nursing tanks and zip up hoodies are perfect for the first month or so. They are very comfy to sleep in too! I bought a few nursing tops and never wore them because they had an odd fit.

Julie Tiemann said...

If you end up pumping a lot, you must get a couple of hands-free pumping bras! Since BFing didn't work for us, I did try to pump for a while for both of my girls until I "ran out." As much time as I spent with that damn pump, you'd think it would have at least taken me on a date first. Anyway, I digress. The bras are awesome though because you can hook the pumps up and then go about your business on your laptop, putting on your makeup, eating breakfast, whatever you can do while immobile.

I'd buy a few of the cloth nursing pads if leakage is a problem for you. They're cheaper than going through a lot of the disposable ones, and a lot more comfortable. Easy to throw in the wash every day, because yeah, you'll be doing laundry for a while. ;)

AEOT said...

1. You definitely need comfy, soft bras to sleep in. You'll need them to hold your pads in place and to help give you support. You'll definitely need support, even at night. It's weird, I know, but I'm very small up top, and I still slept with a bra for the first 8ish months while nursing.

2. If you're going back to work, you'll need button down shirts, cardigans, nursing tanks, nursing shirts, etc to make it easier to pump. I had an office that I could pump in, but you still don't want to be lifting up your shirt as high as it can go. You'll get cold, if nothing else!!! I pumped for a year, and I didn't have a hands free pumping bra, but I'm definitely getting one with baby #2. From what I hear, they really help.

3. Don't buy the NUK nursing pads. They're definitely cheaper, but they are awful and not worth anything. I liked the Medela, certainly, but I also liked the Johnson and Johnson ones, and they're cheaper than the Medela.

4. Make sure you have lanolin in your hospital bag. Also, make sure you get the Medela soothing gel pads. They say to only use them for 24 hours, but I usually used them for about 48. The first two weeks are really painful (and that really does end at two weeks, so just grit your teeth, curl your toes, and get through it because it gets SO much better, and it's SO worth it. I really LOVED nursing!!), and those gel pads were like little pieces of nipple heaven!

4. If thinks aren't going the way you think they're going to, call a lactation consultant. They can be worth their weight in gold! Most insurances will pay for them, so make sure to check. Your hospital may also have some that you can call for free.

5. Check out the book "So that's what they're for" from the library. It was a really helpful book to read!

6. Even if you think you won't nurse in public, buy a nursing cover. There will be emergencies, and blankets don't work as well as the covers do. Also, people will be at your house all the time or you'll be at other people's houses and Sam will need to eat just in the middle of a good conversations. You will get to the point where you won't always want to leave to go to a different room to nurse.

Keep it up, girlie!!!! You're doing great!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Please don't feed my nephew in a bathroom. That's gross. I don't eat in bathroom so he shouldn't either. Unless it's at some prissy posh place like Nordys or Buckingham Palace.

I am making you a nursing cover. That way you can nurse in public, be covered and see my Sam.

Love you!

Amy said...

I loved my Lov'd Baby nursing poncho. It's easy to throw in your diaper bag and doubles as a cover for your carseat, when you're strolling around with baby and you want extra protection from the wind, etc.

I used washable nursing pads because they were cheaper and did a good job. Loved my pull-over sleeping nursing bra from Motherhood. Highly recommend for comfy factor. I had some cute nursing gowns but found middle of the night feedings where just as easy using that bra and my regular tank top or t-shirt.

Pumps: I can't recommend renting a hospital-grade Medela enough. You'll probably get a visit from the Lactation nurse like I did and she'll wheel one into your room. I wasn't going to rent one because I had one at home, but the hospital one is so much better for establishing the milk and it's much quieter and quicker than most home models.

Good luck!