Friday, December 30, 2011

Freezer Meals

You know, my to-do-before-Sam-gets-here-list is never going to get done if I don't stop adding things to it... story of my life!  And one project I've added to the list is to get some freezer meals prepared and put away.  I'm not making a big production of it... not like a full day of cooking up fabulous recipes or anything.  Don't have the energy for that!  Nor do I really care to do that at this point.  But as I'm cooking our regular dinners here and there, I'm doubling or tripling what I usually make and freezing what we don't eat into several meals for later.  Like the other night, the hub made a big double batch of turkey chili.  We usually eat maybe 2/3 or so of one batch in a night.  So I divided up what we didn't eat into two freezer meals for later.  Easy!
Tonight I'll do the same with taco meat.  I'm sure some of our friends and family will spoil us with food and whatnot when we first get home with Sam, but it will be nice to know we have a variety of backup meals on hand that are all but ready-to-eat when the last thing we'll want to do is cook!  I have a short list of several meals I'm going to put together over the next couple of weeks - but I'm not going to stress over it.  If I get to it, great!  If not - no big.  Others I plan to do are chicken pot pie (cook the chicken, mix in the pie "innards" so that all I need to do is add crust and bake), chicken taco stew (an easy crockpot recipe that will freeze well), and spaghetti (just the sauce).  I may also mix up a turkey meatloaf and freeze that.  Haven't made that in forever because it just sounded gross throughout most of my pregnancy.  It still does not sound all that appealing, but maybe I'll feel differently afterward?  I have a great chicken noodle soup recipe too... would that freeze well, minus the noodles?  Hmmm...
So, any other easy ideas to consider for freezing?  Emphasis on EASY.  I'm not looking for some amazing new recipe to try.  But you know... is there something you love that freezes really well and is easy to prepare ahead of time?  We are not picky eaters.  I just don't have a lot of energy to be super creative right now!  So leave me your ideas if you have any I should try.  That are easy.  With few ingredients.  That can be found at normal stores.  THANKS!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Quick Update

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas weekend!  We certainly did.  We had lots of fun with friends and family and then had Monday off to recover and rest up before getting back to reality on Tuesday.  It's a very quiet week at work though - which is nice.  Plenty to do though, as I'm trying my best not to leave any loose ends when Sam arrives. 
Had another OB appointment today and all looks good.  Also had an ultrasound yesterday at the perinatologist and Sam is looking great!  Of course he's all chunky and mushed up in there so it's hard to get any great pics.  But he's still a bit ahead of schedule size wise - weighing in at 6lb 7oz.  They also put me on the monitors for a bit to track his activity.  That little booger was all over the place.  The nurses kept commenting on how active he was!  It kept making me laugh - listening to his heartbeat and hearing him go nuts jostling around in there.  And yeah, speaking of jostling... it friggin hurts when he moves around now.  There is so little room that my poor organs become punching bags.  Pretty sure if he came out talking, his first word would be "Shit!"  Because I feel like that's all I say right now.  Can't complain though... still love feeling him even though it cripples me some days.  He especially likes to pounce on my sciatic nerve and send a rush of shooting pain down my butt or thigh.  It is awesome.
Dr. Stone (perinatologist) does want to see me again this Friday.  I seriously have like 5 doctor appointments this week between the OB, perinatologist, acupuncturist, and chiropractor.  Anyway, Dr. Stone noticed that the cord was kind of tangled up around Sam's head - nothing to be alarmed about, but he wanted me to come back and see if he has shifted and the cord straightens back out, etc (as he suspects it will).  I don't think they'd really do much of anything if it doesn't move, other than alert my OB to where it is so they're aware of it when performing the c-section here soon.  And of course I'm supposed to pay attention to his activity - which isn't hard (uh, reread the previous paragraph).  If he's suddenly less active than normal, I'm to call.  Otherwise, keep on keepin' on.
So that's the latest.  As far as the nursery, we are all but done!  Just a few finishing touches to take care of... gotta hang all the wall decor this weekend.  The cornice board has been assembled - we just need to add the fabric.  That will be ready this weekend as well.  Only things we don't have yet are a few customized fabric accessories that are being made... the cushion for the bench, liners for the wicker baskets (on the changing table) and the fabric curtain that serves as the closet "door."  We also plan to get a ceiling fan, but that's obviously not a must-have item before Sam arrives.  But maybe we'll get that this weekend too.  My dad is going to take some good pics of it all with his wide-angle lens once we get it all done!  Hopefully that will give you a much better look than my camera phone -ha! 
Christmas decorations are already down and baby gear is moving its way in...  We've got the pac n' play in the guest room downstairs all assembled and loaded up with diaper changing supplies.  The swing and bouncy seat are up and ready in the den.  We're getting there!  After ALL this time, I cannot believe we're just a few weeks away from meeting this little guy!  Wow...  it's totally unreal.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

This Christmas certainly is a special one.  Anticipating Sam's arrival in just a few weeks has us all excited!  The holidays, while I always love them regardless, can be tough when you're in the thick of the infertility battle.  Every year there for a while I wondered how many more Christmases we'd have to endure without a child of our own.  Again, I'm no Scrooge... I still loved every minute of every Christmas the hub and I have shared together, but I'd be lying if I said there hadn't been a hollow spot in my heart all those years.  So being pregnant during this season has been a true blessing.  There are such exciting things to come in the New Year.

But this Christmas is so much bigger than that...  It is extra meaningful this year because of the story of another sweet baby.  If you haven't had the privilege of reading about sweet Hallie Lynn Green, please take a quiet moment over the Christmas holidays to let her story into your heart.  Hallie's mom, Katie, and I have several mutual friends, but we've only met a couple of times - I'm not even sure she'd remember me.  But through her special little girl, she and her husband have touched SO many lives this Christmas.

I'm sure my hormones are half to blame, but I've shed more tears over this little angel and her family in the last week than I can remember.  Tears of sorrow, but also tears of joy.  Joy for the miracle of this little life that has touched countless souls over just a few short days.  Little Hallie came in to this world and did more in her sweet little life to further God's Kingdom than most people can hope for in a lifetime.  I hope you will take a moment to learn about her and pray over her sweet family.  You can follow her story here.  At tonight's Christmas Eve service we were reminded that Jesus was and is the light of the world.  How bright he shined through Hallie's life here.

[Short pause while I wipe my swollen eyes and blow my runny nose.]

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!  We are certainly enjoying our time together with family and friends this weekend.  Presents are wrapped and waiting, the family (and doggies) are all snug in their beds... Now I better get to sleep before Santa realizes I'm still up...  yikes!


Sunday, December 18, 2011


WHY cannot I not get my butt on the 'puter to blog?  Like everything else in life, it is a total chore right now.  Going to the bathroom is a chore.  The 3rd trimester slowdown has come on with a vengeance.  I'm not fatigued like I was during the 1st trimester, but Sam is so mushed up in there that it's hard to breathe.  So the littlest thing, like talking, gets me out of breath.  My sweet husband suggested I just stop speaking.  Hahaha...

My Braxton Hicks contractions did get the better of me last night...  we missed the neighborhood Christmas party because of them!  I've had them on and off throughout the day the last few weeks, but the doctor said not to worry about calling unless we had more than 6 an hour.  Well, first I'm supposed to get horizontal and drink a glass of water if I have six.  And if they don't slow down, then we call.  So last night I was having them like every 10 minutes for over two hours, so we did call.  Only for them to tell me that there's not much to do since I'm past 34 weeks.  Baby is super viable at that point, so if labor were to start, they're not going to interfere too much at this point.  OK whatever... I felt better after hearing that, although I do want this little booger to stay in there and bake as long as he can.  We go for another OB visit on Tuesday so I will ask again if there's any different protocol for my situation since my doctors don't want me going into labor period... I failed to think to ask that last night, but I'm not worried.  These definitely aren't true labor contractions.  But hopefully we can get some more assurance on Tuesday.

We were supposed to hit the mall after church today to finish up the last bit of Christmas shopping we had, but decided to play it safe and lay low.  Shopping (well, standing up or walking for long at all) has gotten super difficult.  I've only been able to do quick trips.  I did do a BRU-Kohl's-Target run Friday afternoon with my mom and I think that did me in.  From now on it's either Amazon or a motorized scooter.  The hub is taking good care of me... whether it's a 4am poptart or an emergency backrub, he comes running.  The other day he said he can't wait to sit in our rocker and doze off with Sam in his arms.... wow, melt my heart!  He's going to be such a great daddy.

So, all is good... the nursery is really, really coming together!  As I type, the hub and my dad are upstairs finishing up the beadboard in the bathroom.  The cornice board for the nursery has been assembled, but for the fabric - it is going to look SO great!  Still waiting on some other little odds and ends - various fabric projects/accessories and also lighting fixtures... but the major projects are all but done.  Can't wait to see it all come together!

And lastly, for now, here are some pics from one of my last showers.  This one was hosted by my wonderful godmother.  We had a fabulous turnout - lots of great friends of my mother's came all the way from Alabama to help us celebrate.  And a lot of my sweet friends came from all over as well - many who I hadn't seen in forever!  It was a great afternoon...

Sam's own little Christmas tree!

The sweet hostess with the mostess!

Eating for two... nom nom nom!

One of my favorite gifts!  A sweet name plaque for Sam from my friend, Jill.

I think I'm trying to explain to my mom what Baby Legs are...

One of my dear friends gave us this awesome wagon!

Uh, yeah...

This is what I wore... Gap dress with my Target shoes and grey tights.  Dress was cute on - if I didn't move.  But I had horrid static cling that day, no matter what I tried... so it did not hang so well at the shower.  Oh well...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Gosh, I am having trouble getting my butt on the computer lately to blog.  I just have been very busy sitting on the couch and not caring.  Ha!  No, but I do have so much I need to update y'all on... we had our last round of showers this past weekend - which were great!  And we also did our maternity shoot last Friday (above is a little sample for ya).  So I'll get some weekend pics up soon!  

I tell ya - Sam is pretty darn set.  I think the only major thing we don't have that we'd like to get before he arrives is my breast pump.  So I think we'll slap a 20% off coupon and a few BRU giftcards on that puppy and it'll be pretty affordable!  We went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital this past Saturday and they suggested bringing in your pump if you have one so they can show us how to get it set up and use it.  Sounds good to me!  I need all the help I can get.  
The nursery is really coming together.  The built-in shelves are installed but just waiting on some finishing touches.  They look AWESOME and I can't wait to "move in" to them with all of Sam's loot.  They're our main source of storage in that room, besides his closet.  Other projects still in the works are the cornice board for the window - my dad is helping us construct that.  I think I mentioned the quote I got to have one made was like $750.  Yeah... so I quickly started googling "DIY cornice boards."  It looks pretty darn easy, so I'm excited to see how this project comes together.  We're just doing a super simple one with the same paisley fabric that's in the bedding and it will be monogrammed in the center.

We're also having a cushion made for the bench seat under the window.  Any DIY option there would turn into a hot mess.  Not even attempting that!  So we'll leave that one to the pros.  Also using a fabric from the bedding collection for the cushion, but a more neutral one that can be used later if we decided to change up the color scheme in that room.  What else... well, paint!  We are nearly done there.  I of course have to make the paint as complicated as possible with 15 different colors, etc.  We finally figured out colors for the nursery ceiling and bath ceiling.  The hub finished the main ceiling paint and WOW, does it look good!  It is a metallic bronze - which I thought might be a bit dark once applied, but it is so perfect.  We have so much white going on in the nursery between the shelving, furniture, and trim, so the dark contrast really warms it up and makes it so soothing.  Plus our wall colors are very subtle (two shades of taupe), so the metallic ceiling adds a bit of drama!  I'll get some pics up once we finish the paint.  We are still doing stripes, but just on one wall.  I think stripes all around might be overkill, so we're going to try just one wall to start.  I'm planning to conquer the stripes this weekend.  Then the last bit of paint will be the ceiling in the bathroom - also a metallic gold, but a lot lighter than the nursery color.  It's more of a pale gold.

And speaking of the bathroom - we still have the beadboard to install.  My dad is helping us with that as well.  We did finally get our bathroom mirror though!  I had been eying one at Pottery Barn forever but we stumbled upon a comparable version on clearance at Home Depot this week!  Total score... I was literally about to shell out $149 for the PB version, but we ended up getting the $70 HD version instead.  Love it!  It's a white medicine cabinet style mirror.  We wanted a medicine cabinet because we've got a pedestal sink in the nursery bath with no storage.  And now the only other major thing I need to order here soon is the baskets from Pottery Barn for our changing table.  And that has turned into a fiasco this week because I've been trying to use these Amex giftcards we got to purchase those, to no avail.  Oh believe me, I've been on the phone with the Pottery Barn people... While I'm TRULY grateful for these Amex giftcards, I gotta say they have been a pain in the ass to try to use online.  I know, rich people problem... "Oh weh... the money I received as a gift is hard to spend!" Obviously not a big deal in the grand scheme, but yeah, add that to the list of reasons to hate Amex.  We'll get them to work one way or another but I don't think I'll be buying those particular cards as a gift for anyone.  Uh, not to mention they charge a fee when you purchase them!  Lame, Amex.

As far as Sam, he is doing great!  When you throw in my perinatal visits, I'm pretty much into weekly doctor appointments now.  Which is fine by me... I like to know how things stand.  We had our last OB visit on Tuesday and, as suspected, they're going to make me do the 3-hr glucose test later this week since I borderline passed the 1-hr test and Sam is on the big side.  Well, drats... that means I have to fast Friday morning... as in no Friday morning poptart!  What am I going to do?!  Ha...  I've also been having a fair amount of Braxton Hicks contractions in the last few weeks.  The hub got mad at me because I hadn't mentioned them to him when I had them.  He knew I'd been having them because he was at the doctor with me when I asked about them.  But as long as they didn't get excessive, I didn't figure I needed to worry him when I had one.  Well, he did not like that.  So now I have a custom app on my phone that looks like a big red button.  Anytime I have a contraction, I have to push the button and it immediately sends a text message to the hub.  Hahaha.... gotta love it.  The OB said if I have 6 or more an hour, that I need to drink a glass of water and lie down.  If they continue at that rate, then we call the doctor.  I haven't had near that many in an hour, so no real cause for alarm just yet!  But heaven knows the hub will be the first to know if I do.  :-)

Other big news we found out this week is that, unfortunately, my OB won't be able to do my c-section.  She apparently had to have some kind of emergency surgery this week and will be out of commission for a while, so they went ahead and had me schedule with a different doctor in the practice.  I'm sad it won't be my regular OB... I sure hope she's OK!  I've been seeing her for over 10 years... she had a wonky uterus just like me and was also a Dr. Toledo patient, so she "gets" it.  Would've been cool to have her deliver Sam, but whatever... I know most women don't get their own doctors anyway!  It's luck of the draw really unless it's scheduled.  So yeah, that was kinda disappointing, but not a huge deal in the long run.  I will be in good hands.  My OB's health is obviously the priority here! We have met all but one of the other OB's in the practice, so I was able to pick one I liked and keep the same day/time.  The doctor we saw this week was also good, and she's available that day (Jan 19), but not till after 1pm.  Which means I'd have to go WAY longer without food.  Um, no thanks.  I picked someone else.  As with all events in my life, I center this around my meals.  Momma's gotta eat!  Priorities.

Alright y'all... I promise I'll get back on with some pics and other fun deets from this past weekend.  Hope you're having a good one!