Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Quick Update

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas weekend!  We certainly did.  We had lots of fun with friends and family and then had Monday off to recover and rest up before getting back to reality on Tuesday.  It's a very quiet week at work though - which is nice.  Plenty to do though, as I'm trying my best not to leave any loose ends when Sam arrives. 
Had another OB appointment today and all looks good.  Also had an ultrasound yesterday at the perinatologist and Sam is looking great!  Of course he's all chunky and mushed up in there so it's hard to get any great pics.  But he's still a bit ahead of schedule size wise - weighing in at 6lb 7oz.  They also put me on the monitors for a bit to track his activity.  That little booger was all over the place.  The nurses kept commenting on how active he was!  It kept making me laugh - listening to his heartbeat and hearing him go nuts jostling around in there.  And yeah, speaking of jostling... it friggin hurts when he moves around now.  There is so little room that my poor organs become punching bags.  Pretty sure if he came out talking, his first word would be "Shit!"  Because I feel like that's all I say right now.  Can't complain though... still love feeling him even though it cripples me some days.  He especially likes to pounce on my sciatic nerve and send a rush of shooting pain down my butt or thigh.  It is awesome.
Dr. Stone (perinatologist) does want to see me again this Friday.  I seriously have like 5 doctor appointments this week between the OB, perinatologist, acupuncturist, and chiropractor.  Anyway, Dr. Stone noticed that the cord was kind of tangled up around Sam's head - nothing to be alarmed about, but he wanted me to come back and see if he has shifted and the cord straightens back out, etc (as he suspects it will).  I don't think they'd really do much of anything if it doesn't move, other than alert my OB to where it is so they're aware of it when performing the c-section here soon.  And of course I'm supposed to pay attention to his activity - which isn't hard (uh, reread the previous paragraph).  If he's suddenly less active than normal, I'm to call.  Otherwise, keep on keepin' on.
So that's the latest.  As far as the nursery, we are all but done!  Just a few finishing touches to take care of... gotta hang all the wall decor this weekend.  The cornice board has been assembled - we just need to add the fabric.  That will be ready this weekend as well.  Only things we don't have yet are a few customized fabric accessories that are being made... the cushion for the bench, liners for the wicker baskets (on the changing table) and the fabric curtain that serves as the closet "door."  We also plan to get a ceiling fan, but that's obviously not a must-have item before Sam arrives.  But maybe we'll get that this weekend too.  My dad is going to take some good pics of it all with his wide-angle lens once we get it all done!  Hopefully that will give you a much better look than my camera phone -ha! 
Christmas decorations are already down and baby gear is moving its way in...  We've got the pac n' play in the guest room downstairs all assembled and loaded up with diaper changing supplies.  The swing and bouncy seat are up and ready in the den.  We're getting there!  After ALL this time, I cannot believe we're just a few weeks away from meeting this little guy!  Wow...  it's totally unreal.


Kathleen said...

Very exciting! We're on the same schedule as you are more or less. Weighed in last week at 6 pounds 7 ounces and today we scheduled an induction for Jan. 17. Very surreal to think that in three weeks our little guy will be here!

We were so fortunate to get everything else we need for the little guy for Christmas. His room is starting to fill up: now all we need is him and we'll have everything we need!

Good luck to you and enjoy these next few weeks!

Susannah said...

It is so crazy that he's almost here! I have a small gift for you if you'll dm me or email me your addy!

Melissa said...

You are SO close! How exciting! :D