Monday, February 27, 2012

Sam's Nursery Pictures

Finally, the finished product!  To really appreciate the transformation, be sure to peek back at the before pics.  I love how the room turned out and I love spending time in here.  Truly, a dream come true.  It's so sweet and perfect for our little boy.  I couldn't be happier!  Enjoy...

The gorgeous built-in shelves that have been in my head for years turned out great!  One of the hub's best friends built these.  We were blessed to have so many talented friends and family help us out with this beautiful room.
Definitely one of my favorite parts of the room is the wall and ceiling paint.  We went very neutral, but bold at the same time.  The crib wall is striped with two shades of taupe.  But the real kicker is the ceiling - it's a very striking metallic bronze.  My absolute favorite part!  We did the paint ourselves.  The stripes were the most challenging - the hub handled those!
The rocker was a gift from Sam's Mimi! And the fabric closet "door" was sewn by my sweet bestest!  And I'm not sure if she remembers this, but KK also gave us that oval mirror that hangs above the crib as a wedding gift (ahem, nearly ten years ago).  Yeah, we hadn't used it till now!  We added the wooden "S" and voila... insta-nursery decor.

She also made the lovely basket liners for me!  See her tutorial on these here.  The hamper (which you can kinda see there by the crib) was a bit of a challenge.  I didn't like any of the ones I saw at BRU and the like.  This was actually my grandfather's hamper.  Yeah, kind of a weird tribute, but it's cool to have a piece of him in the room (even if it used to hold his dirty underwear).

Had a ball filling these shelves.  And it's a work in progress!  Lots of sweet gifts from friends, but also a few things from my childhood make an appearance too.

Filling the drawers was also fun... they're our main source of storage in the room, besides the closet.
This little caddy was used to hold cake pops at one of my showers... now it holds diapers!  The little night light back there is one of my favorite baby items.  It'll be included on my list of must-have's that I'll post soon!  That bird house is just a random item I found at Hobby Lobby for filler.
Our beautiful DIY cornice board!!!  One of my very favorite pieces in the room.  Dad and the hub built this together.  And my sweet friend, Melissa, monogrammed the fabric before it was assembled.  A very easy project.  And simple to change the fabric... like if it needs to be pink at some point! ;-)
Our gorgeous bench seat cushion... I did have a designer friend make this for me.  Definitely one of the few "splurges" in the room, but it totally makes the bench - which really is the focal point. LOVE it!  That seat also lifts to reveal a big storage area underneath.  Currently it is housing our diaper supply!

Some sweet details...  the pillow (and all crib bedding and extra fabric) was ordered from a GREAT local company called Carousel Designs that does affordable custom crib bedding.   I will use them again and again! My friend Melissa also monogrammed this pillow for me (and did the applique "S" on the one above). 

Another must-have - the Sleep Sheep!  Yeah we have this full size one and the travel one (attached to Sam's car seat).  Love!  This little toy bag was something I already had from my samples kit when I was selling Javis Davis bedding.  It just happened to match almost perfectly!
The main print used in the room - this gorgeous paisley.  It was definitely love at first sight when I found this.  Which is not what I originally imagined for a boy... I always thought I'd do something bright and funky!
Wall decor above the changing table.  Found these fabulous safety pins at Ballard Designs.  They were featured as a cute addition for a laundry room, but I thought they'd be perfect in a nursery!  The lovely name plaque was given by another sweet friend.  Also one of my very favorite details in the room.  Sam's name has such special meaning for us, so this was a perfect gift.
Oh and how I adore the finished bathroom... I told you how much I love baby and kids' bathrooms, so we put a lot of work into it.  My dad and the hub did the beadboard themselves.  That medicine cabinet was a random find at Home Depot!  I had one picked out at Pottery Barn for twice as much.  Monogrammed towels from Horchow, duh.  Don't make me tell you again that there is no better place to order mongrammed towels.
Cheap clearance shower curtain from Kohl's!  Mongrammed by Melissa.  :-)  Oh and all these bathroom fixtures were purchased YEARS ago at the Pottery Barn outlet.  We had never installed them till now, but we've seriously had them for like five or six years.  Glad my taste didn't change too much!
Sam's Nana got him this sweet little robe.  A baby robe, seriously... so cute!
And surely you remember the crazy orange closet!  Here it is fully loaded.  Hard to tell in this pic, but the wall color is a bright sherbet orange.  Just fun.  Not meant to match any decor in the room, obviously.  Just a happy and bright color that works well with blue OR pink.  :-)  This was our very first project in the room.  I decided on this color before we knew boy or girl or what we'd be doing in the nursery itself.  Closets are fun.  (Mine is partially painted too - metallic pink.  I mean, why not?)
Yep, all that work for a teeny little person... blood, sweat, and tears from us and so many others who love this little guy.  Definitely more time, thought, effort, and money has gone in to that one space than any other in our house!  Haha... gotta love it!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I want to kiss those sweet lips. He is perfection. And OMG that is hilar about the mirror. Funnier bc every time I see that photo I worry it is going to fall on him. Like every single time. So it better not fall- I will feel extra extra guilty now!


gigiofca said...

He's so cute! Congratulations!!!! Love his sleeping space :)

Charbelle said...

Wow, GORGEOUS!!!! Those shelves are going to be so wonderful for years to come!!! No wonder you were so excited about this room, it's amazing!!!

The best picture... Handsome little Sam, He is fabulous!!!

Sasha said...

Everything is just gorgeous- LOVE your taste and decorating!

Bella Michelle said...

He is just perfect and so is his room!!!

Lauren & Eddie said...

What a gorgeous room! I LOVE IT! I've been following since just before you found out you were expecting Sam. I had a baby two weeks ago so I've enjoyed reading along since we have boys so close in age. His room turned out great!!! I cannot get over the ceiling and the walls! It all looks fantastic! (And I love that little hidden Uga pillow pet up in the closet! We have one, too!)

Julie Tiemann said...

I was so proud of our girls' nurseries.. Now I see just how pathetic they were - ha! But it really is fun to make a space for a little one that has such a huge chunk of your heart, isn't it? Seriously the most amazing nursery I've ever seen. Well done, my friend!!

Melissa said...

Beautiful nursery and adorable baby! :)

Kappa Prep said...

What a FABULOUS nursery! You all did a great job and I love all the small details for little Sam.

Also, I had NO idea you and KK went back so far. I am so out of it and thought you met through blogging!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Such a sweet room and a sweet boy to grow up in it! I love the ceiling paint...and a room with an attached bathroom (one thing I wish our home had...or a jack & jill bath.)

Jill said...

Seriously AMAZING. And I've learned since my experience doing a nursery that it actually is TOTALLY worth it to make the nursery amazing. So many people say "the baby doesn't care"...which is true, but the amount of HOURS you spend in there as a Mommy, oh, how that room is just so stinking special to us Moms. (especially those who have dreamed of that day for a looooong time!) If I get to do another nursery, just be warned: you are going to have to put on your consultant hat and I want you to help me. I want to do to put more effort in to it and enjoy it more!

BroncoMom said...


MSBABY said...


I was looking for nursery inspiration, found your photos and loved them so much that I pinned them on my board.

Just wanted to let you know!

I would also LOVE to feature your nursery on my website Unique Baby Nursery Ideas. Please email me so we can talk!

uniquebabygear at

Carole said...

So I've still been reading your blog but haven't had a gmail acct. to leave comments until...:) This nursery is unreal, so gorgeous, so clean, and so darling! Will you come and design our bedroom?! I love those huge diaper pins and the book shelf/window sit/storage is great. Sam will love that through the years for sure.

Brandon and Jennie said...

I love everything about this room! What is the mirror hanging by? Is that a huge thumb tack? If so, where did you get it? Thanks!

Buford Betty said...

The mirror is hanging on a round hook that is screwed in securely to the wall. It is metal and I got it from Pottery Barn YEARS ago, but they probably still sell something similar.

Viktorya said...

Great Job! Awesome inspiration room, was wondering what paint colors were used for this room? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!

Best Wishes,

Viktorya said...

Great Job! Awesome inspiration room, was wondering what paint's you used? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!

Best Wishes,