Friday, June 15, 2012

First Homemade Baby Food Attempt

Since before Sam was even born, I've been stocking up on jars of baby food.  Publix puts the Earth's Best Organic jars BOGO about once a month, so I loaded up.  I'm not a crazy coupon lady, but I am big into stockpiling when stuff goes on sale.  Anyway... despite the half-off price, baby food is still wicked expensive when you consider how cheap it is to make it yourself. 

Initially I thought making my own was a ridiculous idea.  There's just no way I have time for that while working FT, right?  And hell if I'm buying one of those expensive baby food makers.  But after researching it a little more, it really is so darn easy.  Insanely cheap in comparison to store-bought.  And the fancy-pants baby food makers are SO not necessary.  It's called a blender, y'all.  I put baby food makers in the same category with things like panini makers. 

I've got a honkin' huge bag of frozen green beans that I'm going to work with soon, but I went super easy for my first attempt... Bananas.  No cooking required.  Just mushing. 

I simply sliced them up and tossed them in our little mini food processor.  Then I poured into oversized ice trays.  Regular ice trays are totally fine - I just like these bigger ones for freezing bigger portions.  These cubes make for about a 3oz portion.

After letting them harden overnight, I popped them out and tossed them in a ziplock bag.

Now, you know I love you when I am willing to slice up and MUSH bananas for you.  They are on my very short list of foods I don't like.  But Sam thinks they are pretty awesome.  (Yet he hates avocados... is this really my kid?!)

So these 9+ portions of bananas cost me $1.35 (I say 9+ because sometimes he will not finish a serving in one sitting).  Actually a little less because the hub ate a couple of the bananas from the bunch.  I used six.  And since no cooking was involved, this took very little time.  I paid $1 for 4oz of pureed bananas at the grocery.  So clearly, we came out way ahead making our own!


Anonymous said...

When my daughter was little I used to make her food as well. A lot healthier & fresh than buying the cans (plus way cheaper). She loved chicken, rice, & broccoli [or carrots; I would mix and match here and there].

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That's awesome! And I'm so proud of you for touching bananas! Ha.


Susan D. said...

Definitely cheaper, healthier & really easy. I also had some silicone ice cube trays that helped the food to "pop" out a little better. Have fun!

Sasha said...

Oh, I am with you on bananas. I loathe them, even the smell. But I do love Banana Laffy Taffy. :-)

Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said...

I need to go back and get those little freezer trays that I passed up when we were shopping together. I have some freezer trays that go with my Beaba but I cant find them! lol! I swear our housekeeper moved them somewhere strange last time she cleaned. I, for one, TOTALLY LOVE my babyfood maker. I see you disagree on the necessity of them. But, my Beaba is just brilliant! The steaming and blending in one container makes baby food making beyond simple and quick. I just toss a small and unseasoned portion of whatever veggie I am making for us and toss it in the Beaba. Easy to use and clean. I might not have purchased it had I not gotten it as a shower gift. But I am SO glad that I have it! :) I usually just mush bananas. But, I might try blending them too!

funfavorites said...

My twins were not wild about avacados until someone suggested mixing them in with the bananas and now they love them! I would go to the store and read the combos on the organic baby food containers and then make it at home. I used the mini blender too. My twins are now two and I still make a ton of broccoli applesauce.