Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kudos, Nordstrom.

As if I needed another reason to love this place, they have the most amazing Mother's Room for nursing mommas!  Pammy and I went shopping with our little ones (who are boyfriend and girlfriend, but it's not serious yet) last week and we took a break at Nordstrom (Perimeter Mall location) to feed them. 

This is a random video I found so you can see what it looks like - the Mother's Room at Perimeter is very similar (but actually a little bigger - ours had couches).  Like in the video, the Mother's Room is set off from the Women's Lounge - so people aren't passing right by you with your boob hanging out.  It's actually quite private.  Which is a huge plus for me as I'm extremely modest!  By far the most fabulous Mother's Room we've found to date at a retail establishment.  I will have to go to my local Nordstrom at Mall of GA to see how theirs compares.  ATL moms, any other great mother's rooms you have found around town?  I've looked around a bit for listings online but haven't found anything super helpful. I know BRU has one... but (a) I hear it's gross, and (b) when am I ever in there long enough to need to feed Sam?  Answer: Never.

Besides shopping areas, other places where a good mother's room is really nice are big conference centers and event facilities.  There are times throughout the year when I'll be at a continuing ed seminar for a day or two and I will have to pump on site.  Worst case, I can run out to my car and do it, but that's a pain in the arse.  Surely some of these bigger locales have nice areas to pump?  I have heard Cobb Galleria has a great mother's area.  Can't confirm that though.  If y'all know of any good ones, please share!


The Pink Giraffe said...

This settles it, Nordstrom's has it all!

Kathleen said...

I seriously plan mall trips to include a stop at the Nordstrom nursing lounge! Love it!

Kathleen said...

I love their nursing lounge and seriously plan mall trips around visiting it!