Monday, June 4, 2012

My Little 5K Buddy

Well, more like 3K. Momma got a nasty blister at mile 2 and had to call it quits. But we had a wonderful time nonetheless! The weather was perfect.

The hub said I have to get new shoes before the Peachtree.  So I guess I have to.  My shoes are definitely lousy and that can make all the difference. 

We just walked this one.  I suck at running right now.  Sure wish I could take sweet Sam with me on the Peachtree, but the other 59,999 runners would squish him!  No strollers allowed. 


Jill said...

I'm so impressed, and, btw, you look freaking amazing!! I'm already inspired remembering that I WILL get active again one day after this "laying low to grow the baby" phase is over. Grateful to be here, OF COURSE, but I do have moments where I go "wow, will I ever run again?" So this is encouraging! Also, if Sam wants to come cheer on Mommy and Daddy from our neighborhood on the 4th of July, we'd love to have him!! (And I concur with Scott - shoes make a HUGE difference!!)

Amy - OPC said...

Good for you! I bought a pair of Brooks running shoes and they changed everything for the better for me. :)

Carole said...

You're such a rock star! :) Cute "new"? hair do btw.