Friday, July 13, 2012

What I'm NOT reading this summer...

Bestest did a fun post the other day on random things she doesn't get.  I have a running list too - we all do.  But here's one that has me shaking my head lately... this 50 Shades of Grey shit.  Just so we're clear - no, I haven't read it and I never plan on reading it. 

I fell into the Twilight craze and the Hunger Games craze.  Those were fun reads (and obviously meant for younger audiences).  But this latest obsession women have over this 50 Shades series leaves me baffled.  And today on the radio, they were talking about how teenage girls are getting their hands on this "adult" book and eating it up.  And often putting it into practice.  If that doesn't scare the crap out of you, it should. 

What bugs me is that women flaunt the fact that they've read this book like it's a badge of honor.  There is nothing honorable about it.  It's porn - plain and simple.  "Oh but it's so good - just read it, you'll love it!"  Yeah, I'm sure I would.  I'm sure it's awesome.  Obviously it's appealing or it wouldn't get the attention it has.  I could go on for pages as to why this is so poisonous.  I have a huge issue with pornography in general.  It is a multi-billion dollar industry that is an absolute cancer to our society.  It corrupts people, creates monsters, and destroys marriages.  Don't be fooled into thinking it is harmless.  It is so easy to come by these days.  And easier to get more.  It's not a craving you can ever fully satisfy.  You get a taste.  And you want more.  Watch your step, friends.

You can call me a prude.  I really don't care.  I'm not missing out on anything by not reading this book.  I'm proactively protecting not just my marriage, but my heart.  Everyday I'm faced with temptation - things vying for my heart.  Just as you are.  We are all created with the inherent desire and need to worship something.  If it's not our God, it's something else.   And really, don't even get me started on the damage this is doing to young girls.  It absolutely enrages me to the point of tears. Would reading this silly book destroy me or my marriage?  Yeah, probably not.  But it would surely turn my heart away from where it should be.  And I'm not about to make that gamble.  I'm a big believer in establishing guardrails in your life.  And this is just one I'm not willing to cross.

See my follow-up post here.


A Texas Gal said...

Thank you. I 100% agree with you. That book will NOT be anywhere near me.

Erica said...

I'm on the same band-wagon! I have a big problem with the fact that young women are thinking that the stuff in 50 Shades is normal and that they should be participating in it. I am also appalled by how many of my Christian co-workers and friends are into this series. But then again, I also believe in abstinence until marriage. You and I can be prudes together!

For people looking to spice up their sex-lives with a Christian perspective, I HIGHLY recommend "Sheet Music" by Dr. Kevin Leman.

Erica said...

I am on the same band-wagon. I hate that so many young women are reading 50 Shades and thinking that those activities are normal and that they should be participating in them. I am also appalled by how many of my Christian friends and co-workers are into this series. You and I can be prudes together!

For couples looking to spice things up with a Christian perspective, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kevin Leman's "Sheet Music."

Kathleen said...

I don't get it either. If someone wants to look at porn, go for it: I don't judge. But don't act like it's not porn because you are reading it. That's just lying to yourself!

Breezy said...

I would have called myself a prude as well. I was unsure of this book. I have a hard time with negative comments towards the book by people who have not read it. I fully respect your choice not to read the book. I was skeptical. A friend recommended it to me. Then another. Then another. Each of these friends are good Christian people, as I am.
I do feel judged for reading this book, but I do not regret my decision. (The discussion about young girls and whether is encourages promiscuity or not is another topic.) I am not a promiscuious person. I was raised and plan on raising my child to wait until marriage. But, I am an adult. I am a mother. I am suffering from unknown infertility issues. This book was recommended to me because after struggling with infertility "intimacy" with your husband becomes a chore. I didn't want that anymore (judge if you will). I wanted to feel those honeymoon feelings again. That is what this book did for me. There are no pictures and therefore it did not make me lust after someone other than my husband. I admit to being a bit uncomfortable at first, but the more I read the more comfortable I became-which translated to me being more comfortable with my intimacy with my husband. I haven't purchased any "toys", but even if I had I don't think that makes me a bad Christian. It opened up feelings for me that made me want my husband-in a way that wasn't a chore for once in a long time.
Is porn a problem? For sure it can be. Would I be worried if my husband preferred porn over me and vice versa? For sure. Is that the same as this book? For my friends and I, I can certainly say-No.
Everyone is different, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We all judge even though it's not our place and even though we try not to (we are in fact human). I just ask that you keep an open mind and know that just because it's not for you (or you think based off what you hear that it's not for you) that it doesn't make it bad or wrong or un-Christian-like.
Book 1 has lots of "scenes" and is focused on his lifestyle. Books 2 and 3 are mainly suspense and mystery-so there is a lot more to it than what you hear.
Sorry for such a long comment and I hope my tone doesn't come across wrong. I just wanted to chime in from someone who has read the books all the way through and took something very different away from it.

Elise said...

Thanks for posting this! I agree completely and sometimes don't know what to say when my friends talk about the book!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I've read that the book is actually not even a fraction as racy as folks make it out to be. It's mostly hype and gossip. And I've read many times over that the writing is not great either. It's popular simply for the water cooler factor.

That said, I agree that this is not something young girls need to read and OMG you know I am horrified if they put it into practice.

And you know I will not be reading it. Even just the general topic makes me cringe. Bleh!

Paige said...

I wouldn't call you a prude but I would call you hypocritical. Good Christians don't judge each other. Maybe it's not for you but maybe it is for me. That doesn't make me any less of a Christian. You say you don't care for porn yet you must love murder because that's what The Hunger Games is full of. I'm going to stop now because your post has me so angry that I don't want to come cross as hateful.

Mrs.Olson said...

You go girl. Some these other comments are so out of line. I am a bible college student and something we cover over and over is that the bible does call us to stand up against things that are not a heavenly mindset. I hate that when we do stand up for not reading 50 Shades, then we are judging.

Of course we are. HEllo. Our souls and others souls are on the line. Why wouldnt I judge what others do as good or bad.

The difference is that we are not saying how terrible those people are and that they are going to hell, we are saying that what they are doing and promoting is not heavenly and we should really guard our hearts.

You go Buford Betty !!
I am right there with ya and people who say "stop judging" - well they are just mad because they are convicted and dont want to be.

CrysHouse said...

Because my heart is prone to sin, I shouldn't be surprised to read justifications I have used myself. But wow. If Christ is drawing our hearts to be more like His, what might be standing in the way of that?

My Bible study group is currently working through Kelly Minter's Nehemiah. In our last week of study she asks, "Have you ever wondered if 'mindless entertainment' might actually be a wide-open gate in your life by which many hurtful and deceiving ideas are sliding straight into your thinking?...Are your doors open to the uplifting, truth-telling, and life-giving, or to what corrodes your soul? All day long we choose what goes in and out of our hearts and mind, and if you're like me there are some doors, bars and bolts that need tightening" (Minter 43).

This isn't about judgment, sweet sisters. This is about encouragement toward guarding our hearts to be like the mind of Christ. I pray this post speaks life to hearts and draws them closer to Christ as a result.

Natalie said...

I wasn't going to comment. As a reader of Fifty Shades I am no stranger to people giving me a strange look and asking why I'm reading the books. But the recent comments left on this post, as well as its content, have left me no choice but to speak my mind.

I 100% understand that this blog is your opinion and I fully respect that. I also 100% believe that everyone is entitled to read what they want to read. I have no issues with you not wanting to read the books because they aren't your cup of tea. About half of my friends have read the books and half have no desire to. My problem is the fact that even though you haven't read one sentence of these books, you assume you know what all the content is and proceed to judge those who have read them and enjoyed them.

I don't consider you a prude, I just wish you wouldn't write blanket statements about those who have read the series and consider us bad people who aren't guarding our hearts to the evils of this world. Women that I admire and consider Godly women have read these books and enjoyed them. Why are we being condemned for that? For me personally, the books were entertaining and a small escape from reality, which I believe are what books should be.

Sorry to leave such a long-winded comment, but I felt like opinions from both sides of the issue need to be expressed.

As for the commenter who said I am just mad that I am "being convicted and don't want to be", this couldn't be further from the truth. Don't assume what is inside my heart and what my relationship with Jesus is.

Lisa said...

Don't worry - you aren't missing anything. I read all three books (don't judge!) and thought they were terrible. I could get past the raciness of it, but the writing was so, so poor. I honestly don't get all the hype.