Friday, August 31, 2012


Just a quick update... our first babysitting experience went great!  Sam did awesome.  He's a pretty easy baby, generally, but I was hoping he'd be especially easy on this first go so our sitter wouldn't be like, "Um, no thanks."  But that boy went right to bed on cue and didn't make a peep.  Only burp was the sitter not being able to operate the TV.  Which I know plenty of y'all warned me about! The hub did give a quick Remote 101 lesson (and we left the TV on), but obviously we weren't thorough enough.  Our TV is not all that complicated, but sometimes the receiver will "go to sleep" and if you push the wrong button all hell breaks loose.  Or, really you just lose TV.  But she kept herself busy with magazines and texting her friends... so no biggie.  Lesson learned for next time.

Thanks again for all your great advice! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Babysitter Virgin

So tomorrow night we're having our first true sitter come watch Sam while we go to our couples' small group.  We just joined a new group last week at church... our last group fizzled out just before the holidays last year and then, you know, we had a kid.  So we are starting back up with a fresh new group, and we are trying to figure out this childcare thing!  We have tons of willing friends in the area and certainly family.  But this is really a situation where it just makes more sense to have a neighborhood kid come over and stay with our little dude for a couple of hours.  And we have plenty of great neighbors.  It's just a matter of us getting comfortable with it!

I have no problem leaving Sam with other people.  He does great with our family, friends, school teachers, Waumba (nursery at church) teachers, and even strangers.  No problem there.  But we are total virgins when it comes to having a teenage babysitter.  So dear readers, what do I need to consider here?  Here are some of my questions...
  • What's the going rate?  I have no friggin clue.  Sam is almost 8 months.  But this 2-3 hour period with him will basically consist of almost immediately putting him to bed and then just hanging out till we get home.  Our church reimburses us but I don't know at what rate.
  • The sitter will come around 6 o'clock... so I assume we need to provide dinner? What's the norm there?
  • What important info do I need to leave with the sitter?  I don't want to bombard her with unnecessary stuff, but what should I NOT miss?  She's a pro with kids - at least that's the word on the street.  And yes, Sam has hung around her before.
  • Besides dinner, is there anything else we need to provide for the sitter?  I seriously have no clue.  I can provide some loads of laundry.  Haha...
Once again, virgin here.  So any advice on this is appreciated!  Not at all worried about leaving our boy with this sitter... more so just wanting to know what WE need to do/have ready for tomorrow night.  Thanks, y'all!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pill Poppin' - Prenatal Vitamins

OK this is a really weird thing to get excited about, but I just had to log on to this site and update my debit card info and realized I needed to share it with y'all! (The site, not my debit card number.)  I've basically been on prenatal vitatmins for years... and a lot of insurance plans don't cover them and I'm sure some of y'all know, they're wicked expensive!  Not like IVF drug expensive, but it's still a sucker punch to your wallet every month.  I was paying about $60/mo just for these damn vitamins.  And it was also fun to have the pharmacist inquire about me being pregnant when I wasn't.  I realize normal people just get on them when pregnant or when they start to "try."  ANYWAY...

At some point down the road when I needed a new Rx, one of my nurses at RBA asked how much I was paying and quickly sent me to VitaMedMD to try their vitamins.  I'm not going to write a bunch on this, but if you or a friend are needing prenatal vitamins, please consider this site's awesomeness:

  • A 30-day supply of the Prenatal combo pack (Reg vitamin + DHA) is only $29.99.
  • The DHA pill is plant-based, not fish or whatever that a lot of pregos have a hard time swallowing (literally).  I can't taste a thing, personally.
  • You don't need a written Rx... if your doctor is in their system, you can just look them up when you order.
  • The vitamins are shipped to you FREE and they have auto-refill programs at no extra cost/obligation.  I don't have to do anything.  My vitamins just show up in my mailbox every month.  No awkward conversations with pharmacist.
  • They have awesome customer service.  Once or twice they have called me when they were running a special to make sure I got the better deal than what I was automatically signed up for.
So there you have it. There are a bunch of other vitamin products on the site I know nothing about.  And no, I was not asked to endorse this site or product... I just happen to think it's awesome compared to dropping twice as much money and making monthly pharmacy runs.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I didn't do it.

So... my Monday was pretty typical till I got home with Sam and had five police officers and detectives banging on our door with a search warrant.  For OUR house.  Uh, yeah. 

I had literally been home maybe 5 minutes and was upstairs with Sam.  Suddenly I heard a loud banging and Belly was downstairs and went nuts, of course.  So Gertie (who was in the nursery with us) followed suit and went nuts.  It was so loud (the banging), that I really didn't know what it was.  It wasn't till I got Gertie put up in our bedroom and took Sam downstairs that I realized someone was indeed at the door.  Annoying.

I saw a tall slender guy outside our door who looked young from where I was standing.  Great.  Some high schooler trying to sell me a bucket of frozen cookie dough or some discount card.  I don't have time for this, much less the cash.  But wait... is that a... gun?  Yes, the dude has a bullet-proof vest and a gun on his hip.  OK... maybe he's not fundraising.

So I open the door with Sam on my hip while trying to restrain Belly, who is still barking like mad.  Now that I'm in front of the door, I see it's not just this one dude, but FIVE.  One uniformed officer and four detectives (as I later learned).  I of course let them in and the main guy explained that they had a search warrant for our house but didn't really elaborate on why exactly.  (And while I'm sure I had every right to question them and find out exactly why they were here, I was just trying to process the fact that there were 5 men with badges and guns coming into my house.  So I said, "yes sir.")

I soon learned that someone reported a stolen iPhone and the GPS on said phone had pointed to our house at some point over the weekend.  So I was questioned about where we had been over the weekend, who lived in our house, had anybody been staying with us, etc etc... had we gotten a new phone recently...  Eventually I was able to call the hub and he of course came flying home (his office is just a few miles away, thank goodness).  Obviously no phone on our property and the GPS, while very close in proximity, still has some margin for error.  Well, "error" is not really the best word... but you know it's like, the phone is *here* give or take 15 or 20 feet in any direction.  Well I guess the "center" of that area hit right on the edge of our house, but the perimeter went into our neighbor's house as well.  So maybe our neighbor is involved?  Who knows!  It's all very strange.  And seriously... FOUR detectives in separate unmarked cars searching for... a phone?!  Makes me wonder if there is more to it.

Well, as I said... no phone found on our property.  And they searched high and low, including in the toilets!  The officer and detectives were actually super nice, once I could get past the sheer shock of the situation.  They were really appreciative of our cooperation and very sincere.  While the detectives were searching the house (and before the hub got home), I was being babysat by the officer in uniform.  He had to escort me around the house if I needed something (my phone, Sam's bottle, my shotgun, etc.).  He was there literally as an "officer in uniform" because the detectives were not.  He was not involved with the case at all.  So we just talked about the Olympics while the other guys fished around in our toilets. 

The hub of course had to take pictures with the cops and post it on Facebook.  And I'm sure we'll have to have a page in Sam's book of firsts... "My first run-in with the cops!"  Several friends commented that they'd have been pissed about it.  I mean, yeah I guess it's a little invasive, but I certainly wasn't pissed.  More so embarrassed that my stack of freshly washed unmentionables was sitting on the dining room table.  But these guys were completely courteous and honestly just doing their job.  Nothing to get hot about, in my opinion.  I'm sure they are accustomed to dealing with idiots and crazies.  We got some good stories out of the officer babysitting me.  Did you know they have to be tasered in training before they can use a taser gun?  Yeah, we learned all kinds of fun things.

The crew did go over to our neighbor's house, but they weren't home.  Interested to see how this unfolds... the hub's been listening to the police radio thing all night.  Too funny.  Well, definitely not the Monday afternoon I envisioned, but all's well that ends well, I suppose!  But let's hope for a less dramatic Tuesday, OK?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Girls

All the gymnastics and swimming usually top my list of Olympic favorites, but this moment last night was right up there with the best...

  Photo by DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/GettyImages
 And it's not that I'm all big into beach volleyball... but I have loved watching these two girls play together and to cap off their career as a team with one last Olympic Gold?  Pretty sweet.

Also fun?  The Google search page changing daily with Olympic doodles.  Here's today's...

Nothing much to report here... been SUPER busy at work and the whole fam is also coming off a week of sickness.  We all got hit pretty hard and I learned quickly that mothering a little one while feeling like death is HARD WORK.  Grateful for my hubby giving me extra help, even though he was feeling crappy too.  It was a rough week in our household, but we survived!