Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Girls

All the gymnastics and swimming usually top my list of Olympic favorites, but this moment last night was right up there with the best...

  Photo by DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/GettyImages
 And it's not that I'm all big into beach volleyball... but I have loved watching these two girls play together and to cap off their career as a team with one last Olympic Gold?  Pretty sweet.

Also fun?  The Google search page changing daily with Olympic doodles.  Here's today's...

Nothing much to report here... been SUPER busy at work and the whole fam is also coming off a week of sickness.  We all got hit pretty hard and I learned quickly that mothering a little one while feeling like death is HARD WORK.  Grateful for my hubby giving me extra help, even though he was feeling crappy too.  It was a rough week in our household, but we survived!

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Lisa said...

I love the Golden Girls!! I've played volleyball since I was 12 and have followed them for years. They are so fun to watch and I will miss them!

And the google doodles are WAY fun. Very distracting at work... haha