Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Made. Shade. Lemonade.

Our little dude is 8 months old today.  Eight months!  As in 2/3 of a year!  What?!  So very grateful for this healthy little boy.  That was born in a fabulous hospital surrounded by some of the best doctors and nurses on the planet providing 24/7 care.  And if something had gone wrong, they would've fought for his life with everything they had - in a separate area designed for infants in need of extra special care.  And if we want to come back and do it 15 more times, we can.

A few days after his birth, we brought our baby home.  We drove in our very own car on smoothly paved roads to our ridiculously large home.  The hub got to spend a lot of time with us at home in the first few weeks because he started his very own business earlier this year.  In the spring I returned to my full-time job where I provide a valuable service to people all over and I get paid to do it.  Years ago, I learned my trade at an amazing school, right in my own backyard.  This spring, Sam also started at his own school, where he is surrounded by teachers who love on him every single day.  The weather also got warmer in the spring... so we used some extra water to make the grass and trees around our house pretty.

The weather is cooling off now, and we will soon take our little man to a nearby pumpkin patch.  To pick out a pumpkin not for food, but just for fun... to cut up and decorate and sit on the porch of our own home.  We will dress him in these clothes that his Nana bought for him at a store, not because he needs them, but just because they're cute...

Soon I'm ordering a onesie for him to wear in his Christmas pictures.  You know, the time of year when those of us who choose to follow Jesus get to celebrate his birth.  We will give and receive lots of gifts from friends and family.   And eat ridiculous amounts of food and probably a lot will be left over and thrown away.  Then we'll snuggle up by the fire in our toasty ridiculously large home and sigh...

I'm so very humbled and thankful to live in this great country.  Look at the freedoms we have and the silly things we get to do - because we can.  We are rich beyond measure compared to the rest of the world.  But anytime there is something great, there is someone not far away trying to unravel it.  Because we are such a great nation, we will always be threatened.  Today I am remembering all of those who lost their lives 11 years ago, as well as their loved ones left behind.  And I'm more than grateful for the men and women who have served and are serving our country today to preserve our freedoms.  As sweet Tim Russert said many times, "What a country!"

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