Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best. Purchase. Ever.

Well, in recent history at least. As I was about to head up north to a work retreat this week, it dawned on me that our dinners were going to be outdoors. And while I packed appropriate clothing for the weather in general,  I wasn't well prepared to sit out in it for an extended amount of time.
Enter emergency trip to Old Navy on the way out of town. I knew they had some decent puffer jackets. But luck was totally on my side... someone had returned this coat from an online purchase (you can tell by the tags) and it was the only one in store. So I'm guessing it's an online-only item. Tried it on and immediately fell in love. Snagged it with my 20% off coupon and got back on the road.
Put the coat to the test last night... everyone was complaining about the cold. But I was nice and toasty ALL night. Seriously so happy with this purchase. Very stylish and WARM. Can't beat it for the price. So I highly recommend it if you're hunting for a good coat for yourself or assisting Santa!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Must. Have. This.

For Sam's party.

It's just perfect.

Actually, it looks really gross if you ask me... but it TOTALLY matches his winter wonderland theme and I think the kids would get a kick out of these.  The blue color is perfect.

Anyone know of a great place to order or buy these that won't cost an arm and a leg?  I would want two dozen tops and probably not even that much.  I seriously don't need to be left with a supply of blue soda after the party's over.  Most places I've looked want like $2 a pop for these...ha!  I've seen this flavor in a variety pack.  Don't want a variety pack.  Just want these.

I can dig around but thought one of my dear readers might have the inside scoop on this blue cuteness!

Monday, November 12, 2012

And... how has it been TEN months?!

Seriously, nearly a year old we are! 

My sneaky shopping buddy snagged some new tub toys.

The birthday party planning is in full swing.  I mean, duh... I had the theme picked out at like 3 months.  But we actually started assembling some decorations this weekend... me and Sam's sweet Aunt Jenn!  Tissue pom-poms...

Fabulous tutorial here on these.  Chic but cheap - my motto in life.  So very easy, but time consuming.  Which is why an early start is necessary!  Especially when you have about 1/5 of the time you had before having a kid.  I had to leave Sam with his daddy and bring all my junk to Auntie Jenn's to actually accomplish anything.  I see many late nights in my future getting ready for this party!

I think I've mentioned it before, but it's a winter wonderland / arctic theme.  I got totally hooked up at Hobby Lobby as TONS of their current Christmas stuff works for this theme.  Endless amounts of turquoise, silver, and white Christmas decor.  The party colors are heavy on teal blue and turquoise, with white and silver, and little pops of red here and there.  Sam will be one of the red pops... as he has hot red corduroy pants to wear!  It's gonna be awesome... lots of tissue and tulle and lights involved.  Over the top? Definitely.  More to come...

Oh and yes, Cancun was wicked awesome.  Still sorting through pics, so I'll get a few up soon!  Of course, I use the term *soon* quite loosely.