Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Picture this.

The hub walks in from racquetball this morning to find me sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor sipping hot ginger-lemon tea with one hand and my other in a giant box of Cheerios.  So he sits down in front of me. 

"What's wrong?" he says. 

"I feel like I'm going to vomit and I'm freaking out."

After all, we'd had less than 24 hours to process this...

Yep!  We did another frozen embryo transfer (FET) late last month and this time BOTH of our little babes stuck.  So yeah, that's two sacs you see in there.

We were prepared as we could be to find out it was two... I mean, my betas were higher than with Sam, though you can't speculate too much just on the numbers.  But can you ever really be prepared to find out you're having twins?  Ha! 

So we are thrilled, scared, freaked out, excited, nervous, and overjoyed all at once.  But this morning I was definitely freaking out.  I started rattling off my concerns and the hub listened.  But then he reminded me, "God's not freaked out.  It'll be great."

And it will be.... it's going to be NUTS!  But it's going to be great.  And I'm blessed to know many twin-momma friends, so I'm sure I'll get lots of great advice.  And I keep singing this song in my head... "I can do all things... through Christ who gives me strength... I don't have to be strong enough."  Which is fabulous considering I'm already stretched with our one little man!

As far as the babies, they both measured right on schedule yesterday at 6w2d.  Our due date is October 13, but I think twins are often taken at 37 weeks, which puts us in late September.  Gosh, who KNOWS what this is going to look like... we are just along for the wild ride.  Planning to suit up with Zofran and my Bible.  I'd love to have your prayers for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and peace along the way for me!  It's going to be an adventure!