Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Boy Room

Yeah, I know.... absent-go-bloggy lately.  Well, combine tax season with feeling like total crud 24/7 and that leaves little time or energy for posting.  I do appreciate all of your sweet words on the twins!  We are thrilled and just plugging along... 10 weeks today!  We have our final appointment with my RE on Tuesday and then he'll ship me off to the OB and perinatalogist.  Always bitter sweet to leave my RBA team... but graduating IS the goal, right?!

Anyway... our big project this summer (once I feel less like death) will be transitioning Sam to a big boy room!  I know he could spend many more months in the crib, but uh... we need the crib.  Sorry, kid.  So I imagine we'll start working on his room (he'll be in an entirely new room as the nursery will stay the same) as soon as I start feeling better - 2nd trimester.  The ick disappeared right at 13.5 weeks last time.  I know all pregnancies are different, but I'm praying the same happens this go-around!  I will have a much smaller window of time to get anything done since you really have to take it a lot easier with twins... so we'll need to get rolling! 

So I'm turning to you all out there for tips on the big move.  He is 14 months now and we'll probably actually move him around 18 or 19 months.  I know that's earlier than most kids move to a real bed, but like I said... we need the crib.  What things do we need to consider?  I don't even know exactly what to ask.... but I'll just give you some info on Sam's sleeping habits and maybe y'all can drum up some advice.

  • Sam LOVES bedtime.  He sleeps a solid 12 hours each night (roughly 7pm - 7am).  It's very rare that he wakes up needing something.
  • A hurricane could roll through our house at 2am and he'd snooze right through it.
  • He is so active during the day (he does take one nap around noon - lately for about 2 hrs).  Come bedtime, he often points to his crib after he has his nightcap milk chug. 
  • He is awake 95% of the time when I put him in the crib.  He is great at going to sleep on his own.  And great at going back to sleep on his own whenever he wakes up at night. 
  • He loves his crib.  On weekday mornings, he often has crib playtime while we're getting ready for work.
  • In general, he is just very easy going and pretty much goes with the flow (we keep telling ourselves we must be in for it on these next two!).  From the beginning, the only thing I've been pretty strict about schedule-wise is his bedtime.  But even if we're out late or get off track one night, he jumps right back in line the next day.

So given all that.... I feel like if we do this transition smoothly, he's going to do really well.  We will be getting him a real bed... probably a full size bed - so not a toddler bed.  If you have any tips or tricks or things to avoid... please share!  We obviously don't know what the heck we're doing!  Oh and the room will be down at the far end of the hall from us, if that matters.  Whereas now his nursery is right next door to us. 

Alright... enjoy your St. Patrick's Day!  I've got my green on... so no pinching. 


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I'm so glad you are not doing a toddler bed. I don't have kids but for some reason I just think they are the dumbest invention ever.

You might consider just putting the box spring and mattress on the floor. So it's lower. Obvi you will add the fence rail things too but having it lower to the floor would make it easier for him to get in and out of at such a young age.

Beyond that I have no tips.

Here's hoping you only have 3.5 more weeks of feeling like crud!


Kathleen said...

I second putting a mattress on the floor. I babysat for twins ages ago and they moved out of their cribs onto a mattress (no box spring) on the floor. It seemed to work for them and they were close enough to the ground that they didn't need a bumper or anything.

Jill said...

What worked best for me is to make the transition a little special but not such a big deal that Sam thinks it require a whole new sense of adventure or behavior. Set the bed up, talk to him about what a big boy he is, put him to bed, talk about how great it is to be able to stretch out and that's that. Get the cheap side rail thing that slides under the mattress if you want. His sleep habits might change once he figures out he's "free" and can get out and come see mom and dad in the middle of the night. Be firm about the rules of staying in bed until morning and it will work itself out eventually.

4DsfromLHP said...

My 2 girls are 20 months apart, so I did what you did and left the nursery exactly as it was and moved my firstborn into her new room. I didn't want her to feel as though she was getting kicked out of her room/crib BECAUSE of her sister, so we did the transition at 18 months, to a regular twin-size bed. I think toddler beds are just a waste. The bed was against one wall and we used one of those bed railings for the other side. The very first time we left her in the bed she protested for about a minute as if to say "Wait a minute, you're leaving me HERE?!", but we just acted non-chalantly, said goodnight like always, and closed the door. Less than 2 minutes later, all was quiet and that was the extent of our "adjustment" period. She never looked back or missed her crib and seemed to really enjoy her new "big girl" bed. It was a very smooth transition for us! The bonus is reading stories in THEIR big girl (or big boy in your case) bed. Good luck!

Jill said...

aww, so exciting!! I probably don't have a ton of advice since Lindy was close to three when we moved listen to those who moved toddlers. Challenges there, but definitely can be done! In general you just have to be SURE they understand the rule about not getting out of bed/leaving the room. One product that we love, that I bet would still be helpful at that young of an age is the good night light. You set the time you want it to show, and at the time you pick it will show a bright yellow sun, and then a blue moon. SAVES bedtime/early morning battles. "No getting up until Mr. Sun comes one!"..and "oh no! Mr. Moon is on!! It's time for bed!"

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Oh wow, how exciting!!! I actually converted our crib to a toddler bed just to get LO used to sleeping in a "bed" :) But honestly, he is much happier in a bed bed! Just get one of those rails and I would copy what everyone else said, and put the mattress on the floor! Good luck! can't wait to hear how it goes :)