Thursday, August 8, 2013

Counting Down

The weeks are winding down here!  My OB will pull the trigger at 38 weeks, so we've only got about 7 weeks to go at most.  Things have remained pretty quiet since I was in the hospital for a week.  We've managed to hold steady and these boys are growing big and strong.  Both were over 3 lbs when we measured last week.  AND my placenta previa has backed off some!  It's still a marginal previa, but better than it was, so that is great news. 
Bed rest really has not been bad... I'm not on full bed rest for one thing - so I can still get up as I need to, but for the most part, I stay put.  But really I tire SO easily and am so weak that I don't want to be up and moving around.  So no one has to ask me twice to rest.  OK, sometimes my hubby has to when he sees me trying to do something around the house.  But I behave for the most part!  I'm also still able to work from home, so that keeps me feeling productive.
We moved Sam to his big boy room last weekend and so far he is doing great!  He is now in a full size bed.  We really weren't sure how that transition would go - he's just shy of 19 mos right now.  But it has gone about as well as it could have.  Our biggest question was how the heck to get him to stay in bed, since he could easily climb out if he was determined to do so.  Well after the first night, we went in his room at 7am (his normal wake time) to find him asleep on the floor next to his train table.  Hilarious...  just from sounds heard over the monitor, we think he stayed in bed till about 4:30 or 5am and then decided to venture out.  Each night after that, he has stayed in bed all night.  He puts up his usual short-lived protest when we put him to bed, but he seems to understand that once he's in bed, that's it. 
His room looks great too - I will definitely post pics soon.  We have just a few minor decorative things to add and it will be complete.  We did another DIY cornice board for his big boy room since we loved the one we did for his nursery.  I mean, so easy!  Ha, as if I actually did any of it besides pick out the fabric.  We've also got blinds coming to replace the old shades on his window.  And I ordered a cute wall decal to go behind his bed that arrived yesterday.  We're supposed to let it sit for a couple of days before applying to the wall, so it is sitting.  My dad is also going to help us add some more lights in his room too as it's not very well lit.  And then I think we'll be about done! 
The nursery is also almost done for the twins.  We added a 2nd crib and swapped out some of the fabrics to freshen it up a bit.  Last weekend we did the wall art behind the cribs.  Stencil project from hell.  But it turned out great and it's DONE.  I won't be doing any "easy stencil projects" again any time soon though.  I just don't have the patience.  The second crib skirt arrives tomorrow and we've also got to swap out the cornice board fabric in that room.  And that's about it!
So yeah... getting close.  But we feel like these boys could come any time now, so we're trying to get everything done within the next couple of weeks.  Which means I also need to pack that hospital bag!  I made a list the other day... I just need to actually pack it.
Back soon with nursery and big boy room pics!


BroncoMom said...

Praying for a safe and easy delivery!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Dying to see pics!


Lady Law Dawg said...

Glad you are doing well! Keep us posted - and post pics!!!

BroncoMom said...

So, I was just over @PPC and she shared the wonderful news. Praying that you have peace, joy and comfort as all of you begin this new journey. God bless all of you!

Lady Law Dawg said...

Congratulations!!!! Praying that all is well with you and Ben and Leo!