Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I've been so absent from blogworld, you guys.  Am I even still here?  Do y'all remember me?!?  Haha... well, yes, I am still here.  Just busy with three little boys and a work load to boot.  I will give you a super quick update bullet-point-style...

  • Sam is 2 and stinking awesome.  Talking up a storm.  Obsessed with choo-choo trains.  Full of life and never seems to slow down.
  • Ben and Leo just turned SIX months old and are about to start school!  They have been at home with a nanny since I started back to work, but now that we're about past the peak of flu season, they're ready to take on the world.
  • I'm obsessed with putting the twins in matching outfits.  And coordinating big brother too.
  • My SIL is pregnant with twins (total surprise!)
  • I'm DYING for our new church to open.
  • I lost a dear friend to breast cancer in December and it still really sucks. 
  • Our laundry and dishes are never done.
  • My husband just turned 40 this week!!!  Hahahahaha....
  • We're currently taking Dave Ramsey's FPU (for the 3rd time, ha) with our small group.
  • Not including neighborhood strolls, I've only been out of the house ONCE with the twins by myself .  Once.  Y'all, they are six months old.  Pretty sure no one on earth is more excited about spring and summer than I am.
Anyway... there you have it.  I was also contacted by a sweet reader this week who mentioned this post from January of 2013.  So of course I had to read back over it and yeah, tears.  I love that it all still holds so true... even more so now with two more boys in the mix.  (And did I jinx myself with #1 or what?!)  So I thought I'd link to it again here... for Throwback Thursday.  I mean, is that a thing in blogworld like it is on Facebook?  I seriously don't  know, but here you go...

10 Things I've Learned in My 1st Year of Motherhood


Lady Law Dawg said...

Great post! Now we need pics!!!!!

Gracie Beth said...

I sent your blog to a lady struggling right now with infertility because I hoped it would give her some hope. You went from NO babies to three babies in 2 years so anything is possible :)

Jill said...

So fun! I love this update and miss your blog! (though I get it because I've blogged twice in the last YEAR!)..your SIL is having twins too?? OMG! Some day, it may be years, but some day we need to meet at Taqueria Del Sol for like an epic catch up. I remember meeting you there like YEARS ago, I think you were talking about IUI's and I just was like "hmm...what's that?" HA! What a journey! Love seeing pics of your sweet boys!

linda said...

I just read through your entire blog , as I have been home sick.... What a fantastic chronicle that has turned into such joy and blessings!!! You seem like such a wonderful person! Thank you for sharing your experiences and point of view on life.
- Linda, ny